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    Nvidia asking US gov to exempt GPUs from tariffs

    I'll grant them that the point of tariffs are to inflate prices of foreign products to entice buyers to shop domestic, meanwhile we still have zilch in the US. However, I 100% agree that Nvidia will just pocket the difference. a 25% tariff and supposed shortages wouldn't cause revenue to...
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    Sony working on subscription retro service

    Kind of off the rails but.. I've been content with ps2 compatibility on pcsx2 for over a decade now. there are literally only 10-30 games that aren't playable from start to finish as far as I can tell.. most of the bugs are caused by hardware rendering...
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    So after 5 years, my 980TI is dying. What should I do to avoid a 1K card purchase?

    Shot in the dark but it could be a corrupted vbios. Re-flashing the bios fixed a similar issue on my gtx 770 sc. Download the bios for the card from techpowerup and flash it with nvflash, then try installing a driver again. Worst case you screw up and brick the card, best case it comes right...
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    Elder Scrolls 6 will release for Xbox and PC only

    Haha funny joke. 10 years from launch there will be 8086 different versions of TES:VI for everything from PS5 to Game Boy Color
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    The Most Badass 120mm Fan? Help me find it? this one is 38mm wide ~250CFM @ 5500RPM if thickness is an issue with the above. Paired with a fan controller these are actually amazing for low noise to airflow if you tame them, so plenty of uses...
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    Steam Turns 18 YO Today - Rolled Out: Sept. 12 2003

    I loved source too. As far as I recall, competitive players stuck to 1.6 for it's "better" gun mechanics (that require a bit more effort for mastery, supposedly) and "better" hitboxes. That created a bit of a stigma against CSS. I still fire up source to this day to hit some surf servers, 1.6...
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    Steam Turns 18 YO Today - Rolled Out: Sept. 12 2003

    Condition-Zero was just CS "remastered" with some single player campaign stuff. It didn't go over well with the competitive player base (who stayed on 1.6 until like 2012...) .. it's probably sold in every bundle valve sells now
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    Steam Turns 18 YO Today - Rolled Out: Sept. 12 2003

    I can't remember signing up. I guess that was when valve started requiring a steam account to play Counter-Strike
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    Your CPU progression

    Fun trying to remember at this point.. I collect a lot but I'm leaving that out for actual time period hardware I had (leaving out laptop stuff..) ... first ever attempt to use a table, lol CPU Blahblah AMD 286 12mhz ??? - 1992 ...wolfenstein 3d, really really slow wolfenstein 3d...
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    Xbox and Chill - xbox mini fridge

    to each their own lmao, drinkin a yuengling now. yuengling black & tan may taste like melted tire with chocolate on it though
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    Xbox and Chill - xbox mini fridge

    Yuengling eh? A man of class
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    Xbox and Chill - xbox mini fridge

    Lmao. all there is to say.
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    Are AMD drivers really still terrible?

    AMD has bad GPU drivers just like Linux is hard to install cargo cult is a hell of a drug :P ...sometimes you just come across a game that likes to crash. I've had worse luck with nvidia over the years, but n=1 and all.
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    Post your hard drive Power On hours!

    While this is nowhere near my oldest functional drive, I impressed by this one because it was my primary OS drive from early 2010 to 2015 when I finally bumped up to an SSD. Since 2015 it's been used as my drive for steam games. That's 11+ years of heavy use.. ...don't care if it dies, can...
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    Kid just wants to play apex what card do I get?

    Hopefully in another month or two we start seeing affordable used GPUs, so stick with the console for now. my 2 pennies.. I'm starting to see more and more GPUs pop up for sale (still at inflated prices). A couple months ago even on [H] they were practically nonexistent. Semiconductor...