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    Puget Systems Confirm Issues Also on Samsung 980 PRO

    My 970 evo plus 2tb shows latest firmware starting with a 2, so seemingly never had the affected firmware.
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    Puget Systems Confirm Issues Also on Samsung 980 PRO

    I used to think of storage as something that you don't really need to worry about firmware updates. Some companies don't even make software to update ssd firmware. I checked though and my 980 pro is the latest firmware. I remember updating it several months ago. Hope it holds up.
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    Puget Systems Confirm Issues Also on Samsung 980 PRO

    Is there a particular metric in samaung magician that indicates the drive starting to fail? I have a 2tb 980 pro...
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    UPS for a moderately high power system?

    This is getting over complicated pretty quick... Stick with the ups you have and don't worry about it :)
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    I have an old shuttle all in one touchscreen with atom cpu. I got it in a lot of electronics. No hdd, it powers on and shows text but gets some red lines across after a few seconds. Includes a 19v ac adapter for it. Think it has 2gb ram. Probably not a flat rate item so if you are interested pm...
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    After picking up a 4090 Founders from Best Buy i feel the price is worth it.

    Most likely not. Since they went away from sli nvlink for gaming cards, they needed a flagship to essentially be better than nvlink 3090s.
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    Need help: Nvidia GT710 incompatible with Viewsonic VP2756-4K monitor

    Try another cable and see what happens.
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    WTB EVGA DV 87/86/85 Case

    I have one I'm trying to sell... PM
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    Anyone actually have a 650 or 650E Board yet?

    I've had 2 b650 boards and both are totally fine for my uses. An asus b650m tuf wifi with a 7700x and a gigabyte b650m aorus ax with a 7950x.
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    Are there likely going to be new AM5 mobos released when Zen X3D releases?

    As long as they have plenty of inventory lined up for the current stuff, no reason to add skus. There are a ton of options out there already.
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    What causes tempered glass panel to explode?!

    It is safe in that it will give you small cuts when handled instead of slicing open arteries. That's why vehicles use it.
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    My MacBook Vibrates while on charging

    Which macbook?
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    IF CPU boots into BIOS, is it all good? and CPU test to make sure CPU working well but NOT stress test

    can you test anything on the planet and say it's good without stressing it? No.
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    GPU hotspot?

    nothing wrong with an 88c hot spot. That means the core temp is probably in the 60s.