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    Apple Announces Plans for $1 Billion Campus in Austin, Texas

    I'm from Florida and visited San Francisco this past summer with my good friend and girlfriend. We went all over the Bay Area including Big Sur and Napa Valley. When we got back his parents only question was "How did you manage to have a good time with that looney governor and crazy liberals?"...
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    Tim Cook Calls $999 iPhone X a “Value Price” in New Interview

    Since we're regurgitating these misleading tech memes, let's also take a second to compare things people actually care about, like: 1) battery life 2) photo quality 3) included bloatware 4) real-world app benchmarks and performance 5) a device that won't completely shit the bed in eight months...
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    The Fight over Star Citizen’s Production Delay Is Getting Dirty

    This. So many of these SC cultists fail to realize this simple fact. I've been on team PCmasterrace for 20 years or so now, but know that PC sales still don't mean much compared to console sales. Also, what proof is there that millions of gamers will purchase this game once created? I have...
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    T-Mobile DIGITS Unchains Your Phone Numbers, Brings Multi-Device Freedom May 31

    Just switched 2 months ago, got 4 lines for about $112 with unlimited everything after the 20% employee discount, autopay, and other discounts. Finally switched after 15+ years with AT&T. Got sick of almost $100/mo for unlimited data. T-Mobile's plan includes 2GB/mo (I think) of free wifi...
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    Samsung Galaxy 8 Launches Today and the Tame Apple Press is Terrified

    ...the fuck is this garbage? It reads like something out of Breitbart.
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    StarCraft Remaster Announced, Includes 4K Support and Matchmaking

    ? I know they removed it from SC2 but it's pretty cool that they're putting it back in for SC remastered.
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    In an 18:9 World, We Need a New Way to Quantify Screen Size

    w Went snowboarding this past weekend in the Poconos and asked a young lady if she could take a picture of our family on top of the mountain. She the proceeds to take 5 pictures in portrait, and after I repeatedly asked her to flip it horizontally, she finally took a single terrible picture in...
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    Tesla Employee Writes of Low Wages, Poor Morale

    You do realize the tesla plant is located in one of the most expensive regions in the country, no? I've heard tesla/space x engineers are overworked but not necessarily underpaid. Would still be an amazing experience to work at either company I bet.
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    Verizon And AT&T Quietly Make Wireless Plan Changes

    I'd love to switch to Project Fi but don't wanna give up my iPhone. :(
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    Apple AirPod Teardown

    So uhhh what should they have used instead? What is currently holding your wired earbuds together?
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    “Rogue One” Reviewed: Is It Time To Abandon The “Star Wars” Franchise?

    spoiler alert: there's going to be a sequel(s)! December will never be the same. There will be a new Star Wars movie every time around Christmas for the next 3-5 years at least.
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    President-Elect Meets With Silicon Valley Elite

    Please show me a single state in that link where it says you need ID to pick up a prescription. "Controlled substances", yes. Just like you need ID to buy alcohol, or you could just not buy alcohol. Good job. There are plenty of people who get by in their day to day lives without having to...
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    President-Elect Meets With Silicon Valley Elite

    I work in a pharmacy and you have no idea what you're talking about. PIckup of legend prescriptions varies greatly by state. You only need ID to pick up Schedule II-V medications in most states. It's also funy how many jobs Trump and Fiorina sent oversees, yet you people think they're gonna...
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    8 Minutes of Prey Gameplay Footage

    Yes this look awesome! Now let's just hope for a proper PC release.