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    Is there any way to control how Linux uses the second monitor?

    Damn, I'm running that distro on an nv card w/ two monitors and cinnamon. It worked for me out of the box so I'll try to help you troubleshoot in around a week (once I get back home from a thing).
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    Case connector header, e.g. ASUS - timewasting lunacy in 2022

    I find it annoying in smaller cases, where the mobo edges end up really close to the case bottom. Yeah, I guess it is one of those things they could step up their game, like CMOS reset buttons, little 7-segment displays for error codes and such. Or reversible USB. What you can do is get some...
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    ESP32-CAM, the poor man's wireless CCTV

    Bumping this because of great justice on the part of the ESP32-CAM_MJPEG2SD project team. ( ) Since my initial thread, they really stepped up their game and the software now has stuff like: - downloading avi instead of mjpeg - triggering recording...
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    Problem typing with mouse

    A bit later on I remembered something - there are many poorly designed programs that require a lot of input, like in data entry, where you indeed have to constantly be using your mouse to navigate a form (because it doesn't auto-skip fields and does not have hotkeys). Subtitling videos comes...
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    Problem typing with mouse

    Normally I try not to knock anyone about how they do stuff as long as it works for them, but I am surprised you're actually managing to use the mouse to precisely place the cursor and maintain typing speed. I wasn't able to cut it. I'm not going to just change your ways, but I will ask - and...
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    WTB: raspberry pi 3 or 4

    They've been nearly completely unavailable for nearly a year now. Supposedly, it's the global "shortage", combined with the fact that the RPi foundation "is forced" to deliver units to the big guys first, those who depend on them for their products. Individual end users are way way way back in...
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    WTB: raspberry pi 3 or 4

    This might help a bit:
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    Seagate Exos X96, 96TB SATA 7200RPM

    Yeah but after formatting it's like 89 GB, so meh... :D:D
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    Plasma sparkplugs increase engine efficiency by 6% - 20%

    The combustion comparison picture looks awesome, but BAM! EU.
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    Intel iGPU Linux users are advised to avoid kernel 5.19.12

    Same with my Mint install. I did like to play with experimental kernel stuff, but this one is nasty. You wouldn't even be able to tell it's running out of spec before it died. I remember trying out Ext4 really early, it accidentally some of my files.
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    The crime against humanity that is the modern OS desktop, and how to kill it

    I admit I haven't read the article, only the quoted part OP inserted. I do feel I should say something, though. I'm speaking both as an individual who first played with computers on Windows 3.11, and as a (recently former) IT person for a few dozen people doing various things, mostly office...
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    Dual boot - passing files

    You can browse ntfs volumes from any linux distro. Windows needs extra stuff to read ext3/ext4, so a FAT or ntfs voleme on the drive or other drive would do (like Axman said). Theres also the Windows subsystem for Linux, used to be available for 10, but now MS' manual for it lists 11 as a...
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    Craiyon, the artist formerly known as Dall-e mini.

    ^ I tried "happy" a few times, but it wasn't able to stand up to that challenge.
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    Need help figuring out a cooling solution for an old graphics card with broken temp sensor.

    In cases where you don't feel comfortable busting out the soldering iron and rewiring the thing on your own, there are these adapter kits for proprietary fans. Noctua's Omnijoin is one, if you don't mind the cost.
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    Duct silliness

    Noctua has those spacer things, you get foamy spacers to form your dream duct. The NA-FD1. Pendragon isn't wrong about mentioning cardboard, though...