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    Selling cable company's modem/receiver/remote?

    I was subscribed with cable to a large national company (will not be named) and canceled my service when I moved out of my apartment. My service was successfully terminated but the company never notified me that I would have to return my unused equipment (it's since been about 4 months since I...
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    Syncing "updated" songs in iTunes?

    I am trying to correct some bass distortion with a program called MP3Gain and I think this software resaves my Mp3s once the gain correction has completed. I am trying to figure out if when I sync my iPod with iTunes that the newly corrected files will be loaded onto it? Or only newly added...
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    What to charge for a website critique?

    An e-commerce company I used to work for and with whose owners I am friendly approached me to perform a complete website critique in addition to some other commissioned design work I am doing for them. I am wondering what would be appropriate to charge for such a critique. The document is in...
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    battery usage: speakerphone vs bluetooth?

    Hey, I'm wondering if anyone has any insight on which uses more battery power in a typical cell phone, talking on speakerphone at medium speaker volume or using a bluetooth headset? It would seem like the speakerphone takes up more power, but I don't know how power-intensive the bluetooth...
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    best volume levels for each machine?

    Hi all, I just purchased a set of low priced Logitech x-240 speakers + sub for my computer. I'm wondering what you guys think is the best volume level configuration to get the richest sound out of these speakers. I can adjust the volume directly on the speakers themselves, the volume in...
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    Wireless music transfer?

    Hello all, I'm looking for a device which transfers audio wirelessly from my computer to a home stereo system. I don't need or want any fancy screens or advanced controls. I just want a box with an input from my computer, which transmits audio wirelessly to a receiver with an output to my...
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    removing HP Recovery drive?

    I purchased an HP Media PC that came preloaded with an HP Recovery drive partition (10 GB). I would actually like to delete the file on this drive and install a copy of Windows XP on that partition. I think Windows Vista comes with a pretty sufficient recovery tool. Do you think it's safe to...
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    Dual monitor setup question

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    Dual monitor setup question

    ASUS (1043), 10DE - 0422. It looks like getting an HDMI-DVI cable will work ok?
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    Dual monitor setup question

    ring of steel, I dled and installed gpuz. What do you want to know?
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    Dual monitor setup question

    Digital exhaust, this particular card only has DVI-in, HDMI, and TV-out, but no VGA connector. Looking online at other versions of this card (like at Newegg) the card comes with VGA-out, but I think HP modified it slightly (I just bought HP m9000t media PC).
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    Dual monitor setup question

    Um, I wish I could, but I can't. I don't know it. Is it listed on the card itself?
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    Dual monitor setup question

    Video card is Nvidia GeForce 8400GS (256 mb)
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    Dual monitor setup question

    I'm not very experienced with dual monitor setup, so I'll try to be straightforward with my problem. I have a monitor currently with DVI and VGA out. I would like to buy another DVI monitor to have a two-monitor setup. I just purchased a computer with a graphics card that has a DVI input...
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    taking action for not getting rebates?

    I wasn't sure where to put this so I tried to find the most general forum. I submitted some rebates in December 2006 for a Black Friday thanksgiving deal on a portable hard drive. I haven't gotten any of the rebates (1 mfg rebate, 1 circuit city rebate). I'm certain I filled everything out...