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    Galaxy Gives it Away!

    good luck to everybody
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    Interesting PALiT HD 4850 length, midget

    wow i hope this comes out to australia so i dont have to upgrade my case. New cards these days are way too long
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    A random AMD and ATI logo Idea

    oh my.......... lets hope english is your second langauge
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    AMD Prices have officially dropped in Aus.

    wow i just relised the fx-51 is $400 now. Not bad considering it use to cost over a grand
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    Noob at overclocking p4 3.0e

    I been trying to get the most out of my p4 3.0e and i can run it stable at 3.42 but when i try 3.5 or higher i get errors in sp2004 after 3 or so minutes. I was wondering if raising the cpu's vcore will help but i am scared it will kill the cpu or the mobo. oh yeah and im using a stock cooler...
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    i need a video card

    i think you should upgrade your cpu and ram first because the new graphics cards will probably be bottlenecked by your current setup
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    Cheap video card that will run N64 games at 1920x1200?

    maybe it was just two people and they called the team large because they were really overweight and the second guy did no work at all because he is a very modest person and did not want attention directed at himself
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    Password Recovery. WINDOWS XP PRO

    he sounds like a nice guy
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    Absolutely Ridiculous

    Nah the socket closed smoothly when i installed the cpu but when i went to remove it i noticed that the top of the socket just broke and after moving the leaver up the whole thing came out
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    Absolutely Ridiculous

    ok i have calmed down enough to take a picture of what happened cpu socket broke like it was made of paper
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    Absolutely Ridiculous

    holy fucking shit. Today my new motherboard came in which was the Albatron PX915P4C Pro and after installing it the video would not appear. After trying several things and researching on the problem i have come to believe that i got a faulty mobo. After removing the board i removed the cpu...
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    Huge Artifacts on powercolor 9600xt

    I didnt know which forum to post on this or the displays section but i recently bought a new lcd monitor it is a 17" phillips 170B6. It has a dvi-d output and i bought a dual link dvi-d cable and when i hooked it up for the dvi input for my card i got all these funky red lines running accross...
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    Sound card Recommendation?

    really how did you force your av710 to use the media player?
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    What to take? P4 1.6 or Celeron 2.66 ?

    what the hell are you talkin bout :confused:
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    Promedia 5.1 bass wont work

    test them at a friends house