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    Give Up The PC? Get Real!

    Exactly. What you guys are missing is that this forum is a congregation for the minority. We are the guys who, fifty years ago, said "Who would ever buy a Japanese car? They're no fun, there's no soul." We are the guys who said hot-rodding would be around forever- it still exists, but it's a...
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    MS SQL Server: cursor vs join, on a HUGE dataset

    I know the mantra, that cursors kill performance. However, in this case the dataset is enormous- I have a table with dozens of rows, and another with millions or more and the current (production) process iterates through the multi-million recordset once for each of the dozens. I know exactly...
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    Agility 4 128GB SSD $35, free ship, MIR @

    I've got my one, not that I needed it. $25 AR was too good to pass up. :) (And yes, I've done multi-rebate screw-ups successfully before. Multiple times.) Being stubborn is key. :p
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    [?] 1.8" SSD sales???where?

    Too much of a specialty part, they aren't mainstream. No volume=no sale.
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    Fall Clearance at NCIX

    "at participating Canadian resellers only", and all prices in CAD. Link is US.NCIX...
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    Fall Clearance at NCIX

    Where do you see a $10 rebate on the 620? It's showing at $50 for me.
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    [NCIX] OCZ EliteXStream OCZ800EXS 800W - $15 AR! (Large rebate)

    Meh. 80 Plus Vanilla, to be expected from a 2008 model. If you need that much power, don't cheap out; if you don't, get a newer, higher-efficiency supply. (Link requires manual editing since NCIX is blocked by [H].)
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    80+ Platinum by Sparkle - too new for reviews?

    From the sole Newegg comment: "Cons: There's only one PCI-Express connector. This is not modular. It is not as quiet as I hoped. But it is not loud." For a 400W, Platinum-rated PSU to be anything above "so quiet, I forgot it was on" is unacceptable- I'm eager to find out which fan they used...
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    NFC tracking for linens?

    I wouldn't look at "attaching" it to the linen, but rather making a laminated version that you could sew onto the label. (Laminating to make it waterproof if it isn't already.)
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    Seasonic's new 80+ Gold SSR-360GP

    Sorry about that, I thought I saw some mention of you in reference to the new AX1200i. Consider me properly shamed for my confusion. :( Corsair? And if you can go into it, why such an emphatic response to the Antec "accusation"? :p
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    Seasonic's new 80+ Gold SSR-360GP

    And currently of Antec, apparently...
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    GALAXY GeForce GTX 660 Ti GC 3GB Video Card Review

    I suspect that the 3GB version doesn't have this mixed-mode memory, and just doubles up on the optimal design that you'd see if NVIDIA had gone with a 1.5GB reference board. The performance difference going from 2GB reference to 3GB here will be HUGE in the 1.5-2GB texture range, if that's what...
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    APC 8750

    FYI: HDMI port only does 720p, unlike Pi's 1080.
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    Ivy Bridge Mobo with 32GBs of RAM

    Just remember that while it'll run, the K-chips don't have Intel VT-d or a few other features, which limits their virtualization functionality- limited peripheral accessibility in a virtualized OS, for example.
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    Asus P8H77-I mini-itx Xeon E3-1220Lv2 ECC memory without graphics card possible?

    Question is, did you test with ECC memory as well?