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    Cinebench R20 Is Available on the Microsoft Store and Apple Store

    Ryzen 2700X stock with XFR/PBO only (average clock is 4140Mhz). Memory 3200MT stilt default. Run with Retpoline enabled like here - Results in 4290cb.
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    Intel Makes Z390 Chipset Official

    Anyone know why Thunderbolt is missing?
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    First Clear Evidence Cell Phone Radiation Can Cause Cancer in Rats

    ArsTechica did a critical number on this latest scare:
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    Final Fantasy XV

    Ryzen 1700@4.1Ghz and GTX980@1400 1080p High - 5300p
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    Intel Publishes In-House Security Fix Benchmarks for Desktop

    Get VMWare microcode update driver (and latest microcode update from Intel), install and safely test the impact of the update without flashing new bios file. You can stop/remove it at any time :)
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    Intel Publishes In-House Security Fix Benchmarks for Desktop

    I wonder why according to supplied benchmark results the hardest hit is the responsiveness test from SYSMark 2014 - up to 21% - from what I know of that test it would suggest the fix impacts quality of interaction with computer, as in lags and increased wait time for computer response to user input.
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    Apple’s Former GPU Maker Bought by Chinese Firm for $743 Million

    Let's wait few months and Apple will quietly buy Imagination from Canyon Bridge Capital Partners just for it's patents portfolio. This is the way Apple increases it's reach in patent world.
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    Intel Core i9 Skylake E Clocks no Higher than Broadwell E.

    I was kinda hoping that Ryzen would push Intel more but then I read this on Guru3D: "Now I did some rounds with the mobo partners and simply asked them what clock frequencies they can tweak the 8 and 10 core parts at with a more normal cooling method, like LCS or a really proper heatpipe cooler...
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    The Definitive AMD Ryzen 7 Real-World Gaming Guide @ [H]

    Yes, exactly, I have a lot of programs in a background but they do not burden my CPU, they don't even lower benchmark scores when testing 3D performance - why would I cry for more cores? Right, like my graphic settings in BF1 (or any other game for that matter, I don't have 1080Ti after all)...
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    The Definitive AMD Ryzen 7 Real-World Gaming Guide @ [H]

    In 99% cases it won't change a thing because games are GPU bound and CPUs are mostly at less then 90% busy, sometimes much lower - there is a space in there for background tasks. The only real scenarios that CAN affect performance are the ones previously mentioned, hosting your own gaming server...
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    Intel 10-Core Skylake-X Core i9 7900X: 4GHz Base Clock, 4.5GHz Turbo Boost

    With clocks as those they will not have to worry about Ryzen/Threadripper for gamers (no way for Ryzen to come even close). Other folks... they will have to care a bit, after all rendering and such tasks are easier to multithread and 16 core Threadripper will beat 10 core cpu even with...
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    New update options for Windows 10, version 1703

    I'm too dumb to understand their way of thinking, so I just tried to reason the graphic attached. Do I understand correctly that every cumulative update contains every previous update? So what happens in 2 years? Updates the size of 3GB each? Or maybe they think that users will always install...
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    New Processors Are Now Blocked from Receiving Updates on Old Windows

    I don't play with registry. For most installs I just disable DiagTrack service. AFAIK wit that disabled whatever setting is present in registry, it does not matter because telemetry will not work. I have one gripe with Microsoft and it is an ongoing problem since long before Windows XP (back to...
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    New Processors Are Now Blocked from Receiving Updates on Old Windows

    For Office, I use OpenOffice when possible and when I must be "compliant" with the other side Office 2013. I do not create documents on tablets and never will, I like my big screen, tablet is for read-only fun. For PDFs I use an a bit obscure app SumatraPDF, it is I guess the lightest app of...