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    Free “smart” pillow

    PM me your info- I’ll try and get it shipped out next weekend Cost of admission is a review posted back here once you use it 😂
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    Free “smart” pillow

    It’s a fancy smart pillow with Bluetooth and some sensors by Zeeq. Used it once with a pillow case and hated it. I’m a side sleeper and it would likely be fine for a back sleeper. $15 for shipping- if it’s more I’ll cover it. I just feel bad throwing it out. Be warned- this pillow is...
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    Harman Kardon - HK Citation 100 Google Voice Speaker $99 @BB

    HK has insane deals on their website regularly, you just have to keep an eye out - this year I picked up a Citation 300 for $150 as well as a Go + Play for $199 (currently on sale for $179). Check back there regularly (or set up a visualping) if you're really looking for a specific item...
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    Small iTunes device to play on DAC

    You could look at something like this Basically it's a USB cable that runs the power to one plug, and the data to the other - so you can use a higher wattage power supply even though a native device might not be able to deliver the goods.
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    Mates, need 5g advice.

    Here's mid-band 5G on Tmo that I did last weekend. Outside of grabbing an audiobook in seconds, the day-to-day experience is the same with decent LTE. On FirstNet I get about 200Mb/sec on LTE-A ("5Ge") at home. Not a huge difference for everyday use. What's lost in the "should I upgrade my...
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    Smartplugs - suggestions?

    For whole-house, check out Sense. It learns the devices in your home and tracks usage - even integrates with IFTTT although the response is slow. If you're really wanting to monitor a specific circuit closely, you can install some clamps to monitor it (I think it plugs into what would have been...
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    What CPU can I upgrade to?

    Risky? Likely not? You can always flash back. You can install the nvme bios modules yourself, or download someone else’s work if you’re feeling trusting.
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    5820k upgrade - is it time?

    I upgraded from a 1680v2 to a 10900k - turns in Civ VI and MOO are much quicker. I can actually finish a game in a single weekend evening now.
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    10900k voltages

    I just built a new computer, and the motherboard (Asus ROG STRIX Z490-A) seems to do whatever the fuck it wants to do when it comes to voltages - sometimes it's 0.8v at idle, other times will juice it up to 1.65v (!!?) despite the fact that I've set specific voltages - I've tried setting a...
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    X79 storage server processor rec?

    Sure enough, $161 on this listing for server pulled CPUs - anyone selling this many means that they were likely data center CPUs and likely well cared for (well cooled, not overlocked, etc)...
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    iPhone 12 Pro and Max

    The lidar scanner is pretty cool. I just scanned my daughter's bedroom using polycam - I never realized how messy it was until I viewed it from above.
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    Newb to cell phones... wife wants something cheap & simple

    Many carriers are in the process of transitioning to VoLTE, so support for older flip phones that don't support this is coming to a close shortly - rather than saying "I don't need that fancy stuff" and looking ONLY at flip phones, perhaps look at cheap smartphones which at least will continue...
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    building a page for lazy people (me and my friends)

    It has been awhile since I've done any PHP, but this looks wide open to injection attacks. You may not care depending on the scope of your app, although it's not a great idea to take in a variable and directly concatenate this into the SQL string. From your code, it's ultimately constructing...
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    Which Asus Router

    You’re like a month away from 6e devices. Hold off.