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    First time Watercooling???

    I recommend the D5. Ive used both and I find the D5 to be near silent. I use an XSPC pump top reservoir. Very compact. I have seen no value in premix fluids. I have used distilled water and silver coils and had no issues with my blocks, pumps, compression fittings or radiators. Also no...
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    Heatkiller 3.0 and S1700

    No reply from Watercool yet......Bah.
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    Seems like I will need a new water pump soon. Recommendations?

    I looked. All 3 of my D5s are Swiftech and are/were made in Hungary. I think thats the OEM.
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    Seems like I will need a new water pump soon. Recommendations?

    Isnt the D5 made all by 1 company anyway? Cant recall but somewhere European. I have 3 Swiftech D5 varios, maybe 12 or 13 years old, all humming along just fine. I use a Bitspower top on all of them.
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    How many % of system builder uses Non transparent water cooling tubes

    Second the flow meter. Ive always used either black or white primochill tubing. So..... theres a little turbulence in the reservoir You cant "see" flow after the loop equilibrates anyway. Answer: flowmeter or blind faith Ive always chosen blind faith. The Swiftech pump will outlive me.
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    Heatkiller 3.0 and S1700

    Thank you. I indeed looked through their website. I even sent a support request in last week but Ive not heard back . I know that my current AM4 kit will fit AM5, but I cant find anything regarding S1700 backward compatibility. My Heatkiller 3.0 are solid blocks. Ive had them since they were...
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    Heatkiller 3.0 and S1700

    Im considering using my Heatkiller 3.0 on a new build with a S1700 Intel cpu. ie gen 13 or 14 Intel. I cant find anywhere that says yes or no to being able to use the S115x hardware. I dont see any adapter kits anywhere. Maybe it cant be done?
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    Zinn's dog has been upgraded! FS - PS5, Corsair i7-13700k GTX 4080 Corsair RGB rig, Mac stuff, X99 part out + more!

    Love > computer anyday. I lost 3 last year. Two old age and one got wierd strain of leptospirosis. Nothing I wouldn't do for my dogs. PSA.....Vax your dogs!! Good luck with everything.
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    WTB:Older Ryzen Parts

    I have a 3700X and a wraith cooler that came with it, never used.
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    WTB: 5800x3d

    You cant use PBO or any of the AMD software, unfortunately......its done for good reason though, I guess.
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    WTB: 5800x3d

    I just upgraded from a 5700X to the X3D. Its adding about 10% to FPS in some games. I am disappointed it cant OC. I looked for over 2 weeks for a used one, no dice. If you really want a new one, because the used price will be close to new. Alternatively, the 5800X is cheaper, and...
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    MSI Afterburner Dead? What Will You Use Going Forward?

    As far as I understand it, msi is running the software now, not unwinder, due to the various embargos and sanctions.
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    MSI Afterburner Dead? What Will You Use Going Forward?

    Update may unlock voltage control on some cards, although I have not seen much of that in the 4000 series. The voltage seems locked in the BIOS. I have seen a few cards with higher power limits depending on the OC software. That being said, the days of crazy high OC without mods or LN are...
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    MSI Gaming RTX 4090 NEW

    The savings is real. Especially in high sales tax states. This is a good deal from a good seller.