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    I Bought a 6800 / 6800 XT Today!

    Got the MSI 6800 Gaming X Trio two weeks ago (in Canada Newegg usually have stock online at around 2:30 PM on weekdays and they are usually fairly easy to get). Yesterday I was able to score a Sapphire 6800 XT Nitro + SE (again, at around 2:30 but this one went out of stock way faster than the...
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    Seasonic X-750 750W PSU 10 Year Redux @ [H]

    Paul, thank you for all the great reviews over the years!
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    Amazon Announces Plan to Fight Counterfeits

    The new system will probably fix nothing (except making Amazon more money). Interesting article on the subject (it's old but still relevant): Bad sellers will keep finding ways to screw...
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    Metro Exodus Is Now Being Review Bombed on Metacritic

    This game is very much niche just like previous installments. I don't get the brouhaha about this one (except for the Steam/Epic 'controversy'). I've played and enjoyed 1 and 2, and I'm enjoying this one (on Steam ;) ), even with the scenery change. The play mechanics feel like a typical Metro...
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    After 9 Years, Half-Life 2: MMod Is Available for Download

    If your Steam installation is not on C: you will probably need to copy the HL2MMod folder to the Half-Life 2 Update install folder and set Launch Options to " -game HL2MMod". This is from a comment on the mod page.
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    Rage 2 Won't Have Multiplayer

    Great news! Now let's hope it's a good game...
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    Activision: Destiny 2: Forsaken "Under-Performed," Core Player Base Hasn’t Reengaged

    I've been playing for the last few days and it's not bad (for a solo player).
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    The NCIX Data Breach

    FU NCIX! Contacting the cc fraud prevention and detection department now...
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    Influence Buying Comes Under Fire

    Where I live 'influencers' have almost become minor celebrities. Some of them have been paraded on the most popular 'talk-show' on national TV, and given their own show on a private network owned by the largest mass media subsidiary of the largest communications network. This trend can't die...
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    Elder Scrolls 6 is in Pre-Production

    The Elder Scrolls is a game? Feels more like a mod testing sandbox! I’m happy to have started playing after some good mods arrived for the SE version. If the new one arrives in 2020/2021 it should be improved and worth playing by 2025!
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    AMD Ryzen 2nd Gen Threadripper 32 Cores Confirmed

    Looking forward to how well current TR4 boards will handle this. It would be a shame to have to upgrade everything again... :D
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    Watercool Heatkiller IV GTX 1080 Ti Water Block Review @ [H]

    I guess it depends if you like toying with PC hardware and getting the maximum out of it. Or if you enjoy a silent computer where water cooling would be beneficial (you could probably go with less expensive parts if it was your only goal). But it is HardOCP here, not FlacidOCP... :D But I agree...
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    Watercool Heatkiller IV GTX 1080 Ti Water Block Review @ [H]

    Great review (and in my case, hooray choice-supportive bias)! Seriously, it's an incredible block. My only regret is having to get a new one for the GTX 1180 once it's is available... :D
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    Bethesda Almost Confirms RAGE 2 With New Tweets

    I enjoyed Rage once the most troublesome issues were addressed. Still, the ‘idea’ of what the game should have been was always more interesting than the game itself... Nonetheless I’m looking forward play the rumoured sequel, but no preorder this time around...
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    HEATKILLER IV Pro Threadripper Water Block Review @ [H]

    You can also find some Watercool products at AquaTuning (they apparently have a somewhat 'peculiar' reputation but I have not had any issues last time I ordered parts from them). But they do not appear to be stocking the TR block.