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    Intel cutting employee and executive pay

    I own a lot of Intel stock and have been watching it for several months.... I kinda want to sell it but just can't pull the trigger. I remember it wasn't that long ago it was looking like AMD was about to go bankrupt and now look at them. If they reduce the dividend I think I will sell but as...
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    Dead Space remake (2023)

    They weighed in on more than boobies. Apparently Kendra is gay and so is engineer Temple. Space, where everybody's gay. Oh well, still enjoying the game.
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    Dead Space remake (2023)

    I'm a couple hours into the game and so far man I freaking love it! The graphics are very good but not ground breaking. The atmosphere is just as good as the original. The levels are familiar but are just different enough that I have to play cautiously expecting something to jump out at me at...
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    Dead Space remake (2023)

    Man that is good news. I have been really excited about this game since I first heard about it. The OG game is one of my all time favorites and it's the first game my little boy played with me. He'd sit in my lap while I played and was never scared lol.... I've got money in hand, bought a set...
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    What game made you a PC Gamer?

    Several Commodore 64 games made me want to switch from my Atari 2600 but I went back to console with the Sega Genesis. The one game that made me want to be a "PC Gamer" was Crysis. When I saw the graphics in a magazine I really wanted to play it. Then when I read about how demanding it was and...
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    HardForum official app

    I never knew it was there either.... It's actually pretty handy. It seems to have it's own browser tho cause it's not opening up in Chrome or the stock android browser. Not a problem and it does make it more like a standalone app. Plus I don't have to worry about being embarrassed tapping on...
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    HardForum official app

    I just looked on mine and I'll be damned, it is there...
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    Do you enable or disable the music in a game?

    Depends on the game.... If it's a single player game like Dead Space or one of the Arkham games, the music is as important to the game as anything else. Call of Duty? Yeah that's turned off.
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    HardForum official app

    Far as I know there is no app. If I remember right they said they'd spent so much time and effort to get the mobile version of the website to run so smooth that you don't need an app. I tend to agree.
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    What games do you think were graphically well-ahead of their time?

    I'll go way back to the early 80's.... One on One: Larry Bird and Doctor J. When the basketball video games I was playing in the early 80's looked like this: I saw this on the Commodore 64 and was absolutely blown away by how good the graphics were and knew I had to be a PC gamer.
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    Case selection = SAD!

    I like the new cases. I'm still using my Corsair 500R that I've had since 2008 but really like a lot of the new cases from Liam Li and Be Quiet (worst brand name tho). The Cooler Master H500 is kinda my favorite.... At first I thought kt was gawdy with the 2 big 200mm fans but the more I looked...
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    Dead Space remake (2023)

    Oh hell yes! I sprung for a set of Steelseries Arctis Nova Pros a couple weeks ago just for this game...well and COD too. Using Sonar's (Steelseries' software) spatial mode works superbly as it was designed for these cans. The directional cues are awesome in Call of Duty so I can't wait to hear...
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    Dead Space remake (2023)

    For me as well. I got $70 in Steam gift cards for Christmas just waiting for launch day. The 1st one will always be special to me. I'd played games similar to it before like Doom 3 but man this game took it to the next level. The sound effects and soundtrack alone were unlike anything I'd...
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    5600X Overclocking advice

    I used a 5600x when I built my son's PC and decided to leave it at stock. I didn't have much luck overclocking it and according to most of the reviews I've seen, the benefits are kinda negligible over leaving it at stock and letting its "turbo mode" do its job. I tinkered with it in the BIOS...
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    Desktop GPU Sales Hit 20-Year Low

    Yeah I know there are other factors involved but "crypto bad" is mostly to blame. They were the ones, along with the bottom feeding scalpers, that wiped out global stock in no time and pounced on any new cards that made it to market. But then Nvidia, AMD along with the retailers went along with...