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    Integrated Active Backplate for nVidia

    Just wanted to bring this to your attention. These integrated active backplates GPU waterblocks, They dont fit in the first PCIE SLOT on X299 motherboard. Also, if you have VROC HYPER RAID card in your second 16X PCIE slot, YOU MUST TURN IT OFF in the bios before, otherwise you will have no...
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    Core i9 10980 xe Oc

    I would say you are VRM and Watercooling limited to achive your desired state. 4.7ghz could cause 105degree C all core Im running a 7820X @ 5ghz 1.317 and am using 360+280 with Noctua industrial fans.
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    worth upgrading 7820x to 5900x?

    Do you really want to downgrade from quad channel to dual channel? AMD is garbage too. Im waiting for rocketlake-X If you want more multi, ebay the 12 or 14 core.
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    If you could have one of these 2 cards, water-cooled, which would you pick and why?? 6800xt or 3080fe

    All i could get my hands on was a 3070 on boxing day, sold out in an hour, havent seen 3080 ever, and not paying for 3090. I looked forvthe amd cards, never saw one. Bought the alpha cool ref block
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    Do I need to build a new PC?

    It really depends what you want or how you want to measure improvement. Personally, i always look at single thread performance before making a purchase. I would go to and look at your max single thread, and then pick a higher number...
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    Core i9 10980Xe

    Yeah true, once you tweak it, you can probably bring it where you want.
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    Core i9 10980Xe

    You might have to delid and direct die frame to lower your temps...thats what i did with the 7820x. Or you might have a cpu that doesnt OC well......My other pc has 9900k 4.8ghz and its sitting max 65c at like 1.26v (rainbow6 siege, roblox pc) I lowered 7820x from 5ghz to 4.8ghz 1.21v till...
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    have 7820x at 4.7ghz now. Upgrade to 10900x or switch to 10900k, or wait?

    I hear ya, i was thinking of getting 10920x, but may as well save it for next hedt with better ST perf. Only issue with 10900x, doesnt overclock well. The 12,14,18 are better chips. And once you go 14core or more, it uses too much power at 5ghz. 10920x might be sweet spot.
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    have 7820x at 4.7ghz now. Upgrade to 10900x or switch to 10900k, or wait?

    First off, if youre only running dual channel on a quad channel platform, get another memory set. Then tighten your first and secondary timings. Also if u got custom loop like me (360+280) with direct die frame you can run 5ghz and run at par against 3900x due to higher single thread perf and...
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    Did nvidia throw a 1-2 punch to AMD with Ampere?

    Actually.... Nvidia TNT ArchitectureFahrenheit, and Nvidia 8800 gts ArchitectureTesla, was the best launch! Amphere 3080 gtx is looking good too! Wish it had higher mem bandwidth, oh well!
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    Who's making moves to get ready for the new release of cards?

    Get the gpu you want or like the most, you can always upgrade your pc when better parts come out. I was rocking i5 750 with Nvidia Titan, np with 60fps in Gta5 1080p. Upgraded to 7820x and 1070ti and play at 4k. Personally -Im looking at the 3080, but upset about $800 rumor price.
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    New nVidia GPU - best way to secure one upon release?

    Thats great news, i thought I read it was only a year. Thanks for the tip.
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    Next HEDT platform

    Icelake is probably just datacenter focus, and will be 8 channel DDR4 running on Sunny Cove, and it doesn't clock as high as SkylakeX/CSLX. We should all hope for Tiger Lake X running on Willow Cove to get our monies worth. 20% IPC uplift for ST performance (28% with overclock) : P -my...
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    New nVidia GPU - best way to secure one upon release?

    Two things to mention - Founders Edition only provides 1year warranty. And “wait and see” is a 12month journey for 3070ti or 3080super that might save you 100bucks? Buy direct from AIB if you can.
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    Who's making moves to get ready for the new release of cards?

    1070ti keeping for 2nd PC - Upgrading to 3080 - hoping price will be at or below $1000CAD / $700 USD Original Titan from 2013 - I might sell for $150 and replace with 3060 in 3rd PC - hoping price will be at or below $400 CAD / $300 USD Brought this card back to life by cooking it in the oven...