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    So it seems...Might be wise to play the waiting game?

    i'll wait also, unless the aib 290 could provide better cooling & not too much price difference
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    AMD Responds to R9 290 Series Performance Variance

    ok then, kudos for doing that. But is there any performance decrease with stock fan setting after hours of playing ? or do the fan must be set above 50% to maintain gaming performance? also I'm a bit worry about the thermal wear of the GPU and will it affect the thermal wear of surrounding...
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    AMD Responds to R9 290 Series Performance Variance

    could [H] do some gaming benchmark after the card was heated up ? because what I read from pcper was a bit concerning I play game around 3~4 hours a day & I want to know if...
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    Nvidia G-Sync - A module to alleviate screen tearing

    from tdhq
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    AMD R9 290X Beating The GeForce GTX 780?

    isn't it ironic, AMD test system using i7-3960X :)
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    Your CPU progression

    E-2160 E-5700 E3-1230V2 and will upgrade to another "E" proc which is haswell-E :D hopefully :p
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    Sli GTX 660 or upgrade

    SLI that 660
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    i7 920 with 580gtx 3gig video card...upgrade?

    just wait for next year or two imho
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    EVGA GTX 760 absolutely fantastic!!

    why didn't you sli that 660 instead?
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    Geforce 320.49 Drivers

    remember me still crash w/ 326.29, how is it w/ the 326.41 ?
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    Xeon E3-1230v2 for gaming

    so I bought the E3-1230V2 on saturday, and the performance out of the box is splendid (for its price). previously my E5700 was struggling to keep the 60fps in Tomb Raider and would spike to a mere 10fps in certain area. But now with this Xeon the minimum fps is struggling to leave 60 :D So for...
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    Geforce 320.49 Drivers

    anyone has tried the 326.29 ??
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    RAM price gone up?

    samething for me... I've been holding back for a complete upgrade, hoping the price will decrease..and how wrong that turns out to be :(
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    PhysX - CPU or GPU?

    yup, the physx stress test in msi kombustor slows my e5700 to a crawl & then ctd, but when I use the gpu physx it can run but still not smooth.