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  • Aloha from Hawaii and thanks for having me Folks.
    I am a fairly moderate P C user , but have learned to repair and do other things also.
    I have a looking for a case if anyone has to get rid off. It was a old case call a
    Cheiftec/Chenyeng or something. Big, looks like a Amtec 1080 one. It had the
    huge lettering of ...... " ALIENWARE ", on the front face plate. It also ha the alien logo
    on the top. A friend had one but trashed it so I missed out on it. If anyone has one to rid
    off, email me , because I want the Framework and the top,and bottom. If you have one
    to let go off let me know, and maybe it can be dis-assembled and sent here. It was a
    big one and I wanted to do a project with one because of it's originality. He gave me some
    inner's but it won't be good with out the main case structure for it. Email me @
    ( longbike48@yahoo.com. ) He said it was to ugly so he junked it, but it look quite nice
    to me.
    Thank you for having me as a new member and Aloha from Hawaii
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