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  • Hi Lolang, is it possible to still get the U2412M monitor for $319 through your rep contact? Thank you much!!!!

    If you are still able to give out your reps information on the U2412m for the deal, I'd appreciate it. I'm itching to get this monitor as soon as possible.

    hey there,
    Do you think your deal for the Dell U2412M could work if I order in Canada?? Could you give me your contact info of the person to contact @ dell?

    Thanks man
    Hi sorry to bother you but I seen you post in the Dell U2412M forum topic and was wondering if you could let me in on the discount with your Dell contact? I have been eying this monitor for awhile now and if I could get it for any less then what it already is I would definitely jump on it! If not its fine too, thanks for your time!

    I'm interested in purchasing the Dell U2412 and am interested in the Dell contact information you mentioned in the forum.

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