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    Toughbook CF-33 problems

    Which oems software requires/runs on Win11? All my programming/diagnostic programs say no support for 11 yet not that I want to reinstall/setup all that crap again.
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    [H]OT !!!! 5800X3D $279.65 Shipped , Newegg

    The difference from express 3 to 4 is almost unnoticeable except when bench marking. In some cases the difference is less than 1% unless you plan to put a 4090 on the system you likely won't notice.
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    [H]OT !!!! 5800X3D $279.65 Shipped , Newegg

    Inexpensive is subjective to a budget constraint that X570 generally doesn't fit.
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    [H]OT !!!! 5800X3D $279.65 Shipped , Newegg

    B450 Tomahawk is cheap and really good. I've built with a gang of these.
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    Anybody plan on grabbing one of the new RX7xxx Navi cards on launch?

    Likely seem under performant outta the gate until drivers mature to the new architecture. I'll wait for a used one as my 6900 still gets it done just fine.
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    [H]OT !!!! 5800X3D $279.65 Shipped , Newegg

    5800X3D Rev2 spotted @5.5Ghz Where can I get one of these?
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    Upgraded from 1700x to 5600 and now mobo does not post

    From the bios ver. 5.3 notes for your board "*ASRock do NOT recommend updating this BIOS if you are going to use Pinnacle, Raven or Summit Ridge CPU on your system. *Before updating this BIOS, please also read the description in previous BIOS version." Basically you shouldn't have "Tested and...
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    Update - Resolved - PC won't boot - sticks at "Preparing automatic Repair" - Booting from Windows DVD doesn't even work

    I don't know if your main board supports it or not but some of the higher end boards have Nvme self test in bios under Settings/Advanced/Nvme self test. I always keep a boot able memtest and Linux distro flash drive handy for testing this type issue as well.
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    Update - Resolved - PC won't boot - sticks at "Preparing automatic Repair" - Booting from Windows DVD doesn't even work

    When attempting to boot with 2 Dimms they were placed in 2nd and 4th slots from the cpu socket? Try all 4 memory modules one at a time in mem slot 2. What code is the debug led stuck at?
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    Are we sort of in a drought or something? (bit of rambling here)

    Anxiously waiting for Stalker 2 Heart of Chernobyl but the situation in Ukraine is certainly not helping the devs as they work to complete it.
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    What would cause case fans to be powered by the HDMI cable in the GPU

    That thing needs a blow job in a bad way. Seriously I've seen dust bridge circuits before and that thing is a dirtball. Outside and air compressor for the blowout.
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    Help me diagnose intermittent freezing

    Well what's the status dammit?(y)
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    Why are current gen motherboards so expensive?

    Same here I always open bench test hardware so trouble shooting if necessary is far simpler.