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    Returnal (Confirmed)

    Yeah, I have been waiting for the high particle/combat crash fix. Sweetness
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    Returnal (Confirmed)

    I've been getting Fatal Error and collision bugs. Also this one right in the middle of my no-death run: Nemesis did not fully form in the final phase.. so I could not damage it directly (unless I was WAY close and under it).
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    Returnal (Confirmed)

    Found some random collision issues, items floating here and there, but nothing game-breaking. Didn't try to 100% on PS5, but will go for it on PC.
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    Returnal (Confirmed)

    For me it is. Bought it twice. Getting ready to start a second playthough soon on PC.
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    Returnal (Confirmed)

    Put in 100+ hours on ps5 version. So when this unlocked, put in 2 hours before bed. Finished the first three biomes, so far no death :). I am sure I'll die on that swimming butthole mid level boss in the 6th biome. It runs great at 3840x1600 (funky res, black bars on the side) on a 3090. Using...
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    Returnal (Confirmed)

    I wonder if this will let users sync progress from PS5? The way the game works: you loose weapons and perks, you keep upgrades to the character and key items. The story is told via recordings, flashbacks and discovery of artifacts. A lot of it is up for interpretation. It took a while to adjust...
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    Windows 10 Screensaver issue/ AWCC

    I've been having issues with my screensaver NOT starting up after the determined time. It started when I got my AW38 last year, discovered it was the auto-install of AWCCService and Dell's Alienware software. Found out about 4 months ago, stopped the service, but it came back. Finally I blocked...
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    Hogwarts Legacy

    The game looks nice, 80% chance I'll get it for PC. Never even watched a Harry Potter movie, but it looks fun as hell.
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    The Callisto Protocol (survival/horror)

    The patch works. But I can see performance left on the table. I would like more options for graphics so those people can tweak to their desires. I really don't like how it's a "surprise" to them about performance (I am sure the project engineers knew, but were tied to other higher priority...
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    The Callisto Protocol (survival/horror)

    What is so annoying is that anyone who devs with Unreal knows of the shader compilation thing... not like it snuck up on them. Stutters are so bad you KNOW when something is going to happen (jump scare for example..). "Some users..."
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    The Callisto Protocol (survival/horror)

    The shader compile Unreal Engine nonsense is A LOT. Really annoying. Gonna wait for a fix. It would be nice to have an option to compile all shaders... I don't mind waiting 5~7 minutes (Horizon Zero Dawn...) if it means no stutter.
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    Review the game you finished recently.

    Did a marathon of games: Uncharted 1 Going back to a game from 2007 really shows. A lot of the controls feel sluggish and dated. If you look at this as a game that at the time was only going to be one released, then you can appreciate what they were going for. Action - The game has lots of...
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    Gaming in your 40s

    Both my kids (19 and 13) are into Minecraft, youngest is into Splatoon and family games, so we play a lot of those. The oldest moved out, and there is no wife/gf, the youngest son and I balance games, TV and reading. Since I work from home, I can play games a lot more. My oldest is into Monster...
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    Can't update 2009 Macbook Pro

    I got my hands on the actual OS install disk and got Mountain Lion on it. Then tried auto updates, but looks like it's too old to auto update (or even connect to AppStore), then I downloaded the DMG from Apple and had to install from the USB. bobsuncledan - Thanks I am downloading this and the...
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    What to do with XB360

    A while ago I posted a thread and I got all I wanted out of the system. The games I didn't finish (including arcade) I cleared. Even the bad ones... So what can I do with this system? I was going to toss it on the curb and let someone take it for free. But if there is a possibility of running...