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    IBM Reveals the World's First Commercial Integrated Quantum Computer

    But the real question is, how many VMs will it run and will it print server? :geek:
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    Alphacool Eiskoffer Lucky Draw

    Something like this...
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    Google Analyzes Ethereum Using Its BigQuery Public Dataset

    Looks like it would make a nice fishing fly :D
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    Co-Op Survival Game Generation Zero Gets a Gameplay Trailer

    are they using original source engine or UE3? looks shitty for today's standard... Edit: that Apex Engine looks shitty... from the same era, aged tech.
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    Blue Origin Launches New Capsule

    I'll leave this :D
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    Relax with Phanteks G1080 Water Block Flow

    two eddies there that are great for bass fishin' from the shoreline...
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    Microsoft’s Latest Windows 10 Experiment: Running Apps in Tabs

    Meh, for all my works tabs would make it harder to properly research anything. rather have my 3 widescreens and have my working document up in half my main monitor, and 5 other resources split half screen on the rest of the desktop real-estate, or 10 quarter-split screens... for laptops, rather...
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    Intel Unveils the Nervana Neural Network Processor

    but can it run, no scratch that, can it play crysis?
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    Don't Expect XBone and PS4 Cross-Play Any Time Soon

    kiddo has been playing minecraft cross platform :) PS4 can go suck on eggs... Windows 10 iOS Android XBox One Nintendo’s Switch
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    Western Digital Launches Rugged Portable SSDs

    I've wondered if these would allow a USB port to become a proper PCI riser to plug a PCI Card other than Video cards, maybe could work in plugging the USB-C card to it... :D adapter for adapter... adapterception.
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    Western Digital Launches Rugged Portable SSDs

    Here you go...
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    Western Digital Launches Rugged Portable SSDs

    No excuse... also, ~$25 is pocket change for the on-the-go photographer that a single lens costs thousands... :)
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper Packaging and Retail Dates Announced
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    Google Pixel XL Phones Blacklisted as Stolen

    FROM: Monthly payments over 24 months If you choose to pay for your phone over time and you qualify based on your credit check, you’ll make 24 monthly payments. Each monthly payment will be charged to the credit or debit card...
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    Google Pixel XL Phones Blacklisted as Stolen

    yeah, 2 are family members and the other 2 are friends that i recruited.