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    Anyone have one of these $2000 triple block phase change units from FrozenCPU?!

    MY GOD!!! :eek: Now that is PIMP! Wish I could afford one and watercool my ram/chipsets! That would be truely worthy of extreme cooling!
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    Could Quad Core kill Ageia?

    does anyone think that current games will ever have patches for the physx card? Such as oblivion? Or does the game have to be built from the ground up with the physx SDK?
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    Worklog: Trashed 28 oct 2005

    Hal, you should really watercool that thing! It would look bad ass!
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    Worklog: Trashed 28 oct 2005

    This is the most inovative case designs i have ever seen! way to go! I like it so much I may try a trash can mod and add my own ideas to it ! :p
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    L2335 refusing to stretch -widescreen- resolutions

    hey, i have the hp 2335 also... you have to go into the menu on the LCD to change the aspect. hit the menu/enter button on the front of the monitor... then go to "image control".... hit the menu/enter button... then go to "custom scaling".... hit menu/enter... then select "fill to screen" and...
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    HDTV 1080p - resolution-What does it mean?

    monitors have always had higher resolutions than the standard TV. Why dont you check out the new 30 inch lcd's comming out as well as apple's 30 incher... they make 1080p look like crap! 2560 x 1600 resolution! heh, guess that would that be 1600p To bad no video broadcasts or future HD media...
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    HDCP support

    Is anyone else really ticked off about HDCP support?! I have a HP L2335 and i doubt it has support! This is really a stab in the back to people who previously bought high res displays for future technology(HD-DVD or Blueray). I hope they find a work-around, *cough* hack *cough*, so that I can...
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    Benefits of flashing X850XT -> PE?

    mine is also running at 561/1182!!
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    Benefits of flashing X850XT -> PE?

    I would also like to know cause i own an ati 850xt. Let us know how it turns out!
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    Is it just me or is ATI always the speed leader now?

    ATI R600 will rule!! COMMING OUT NOV/DEC of 2006!!!! 65nm 64 Shader pipelines (Vec4+Scalar) 32 TMU's 32 ROPs 128 Shader Operations per Cycle 800MHz Core 102.4 billion shader ops/sec 512GFLOPs for the shaders 2 Billion triangles/sec 25.6 Gpixels/Gtexels/sec 256-bit 512MB...
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    Buildup with MCT5 normal?

    that build up is exactly what happened when I used fluid xp... i figured it was normal but then it started getting really bad... drained it and found corrosion everywhere! my block was totalled! Now I use hydrx and love it! stay away from the non-conductive fluids... i have heard nothing but...
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    Non Conductive Fluids

    Non-Conductive fluids are junk... i dont know about 3M's but fluid xp sucks! Stay far far away from fluid xp!!
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    Holy reservoir crack batman...

    mix distilled water and distilled white vinegar in a 50:50 ratio. Run through loop for a 30min - 1 hour then drain. Then rinse with distilled water then drain and refill with coolant. gets the film off mine every time.... if its really bad you might have to do 2 flushes with the 50:50 ratio.
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    X850XT Crashes

    try to update your motherboard bios... that worked for me