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    Google Pixel Deal

    I was in the same boat as you with a 6p. Bought a used Lenovo P2 for around 140eur. Best thing ever - cheap, so I don't need to be afraid of droppig it, nearly stock android, fast enough and, to top it off, 2-3x the amount of battery life of when my p6 was new (so around 2-3 days). Not going...
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    New 8th Gen Chips from Intel

    Wow. A whole 100mhz improvement for the i3? Now people can choose between slow and a little bit less slow? What is the difference between 8600 and 8400? One is okay, the other one is a bit more okay? Their product stack is weird, ryzen made a bit more sense - bigger gaps between products (maybe...
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    President Trump Getting Options to Crack Down On Chinese IP Theft

    Oh yes. Genious idea. Great PR move. Probably as good as blaming violent video games for mass shootings and proposing some sort of ratings board for games and other entertainment software. Perhaps an entertainment software ratings board, can get shortened to esrb or something. So probably now he...
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    One radiator vs two?

    The more - the better. Worst case - you can run your fans as slow as possible or even turn them off and run the pc with "passive" cooling while it's idling. I have a 420x60 cooling a 1080ti and a 5960x and I'm thinking of adding two more 240 radiators just so i can run fans even slower and keep...
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    Now BMW is Recalling 12,000 Diesel Cars Over Emissions

    Aren't petrol and lpg cleaner fuels, compared to diesel? Why don't we leave diesels for trucks, tractors and other heavy machinery, where diesel engines work very well? Is it just the price of fuel that people look at? I've driven petrol cars all my life - can't see how some increase in fuel...
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    Elon Musk Calls Transit Expert “An Idiot” and Says Public Transport “Sucks”

    What european cities are those? I'm from europe, maybe haven't been around that much, but I've visited Edinburgh, Rome, Oslo, Stockholm, some other places and myself come from an eastern european country and every time it's faster to use a car. The only time I've had a very enjoyable trip was a...
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    Facebook Will Launch Pre-roll Video Ads in 2018

    I think you really underestime the power of suggestion. Do you not know any people who buy the thing the salesperson reccommends or that looks the best, even if the price is high? Or the thing that they have seen ads for countless times instead of the cheaper, yet unknow alternative?
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    The FCC Has Repealed Net Neutrality

    Didn't Verizon or ATT block or throttle Skype to favor their own offers? Didn't the same happen with FaceTime? And peer-to-peer downloads? And something else I am forgetting? All of this before 2015. Not sure, not from the states, just the whole internet was up in arms against this decision and...
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    People Are Taking Out Mortgages to Buy Bitcoin as Price Soars

    Wow. Don't want to be holding btc when all these people need to sell their bitcoin to get at least some money back to cover the loans. Will be a tidal wave of people scared that btc will crash and they will panic-sell, causing said crash... Good thing I put the money I can afford to lose into...
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    Microsoft Edge Now Available for iOS and Android

    Great. Now I can ignore it on Android as well. Although, I did find the browser emulation thing useful, when microsoft's media creation tool was borked and I had to pretend I'm using Safari to get access to download the win10 iso... Just Microsoft things :)
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    Phanteks P400S is pretty good, comes in a windowless version and whatever LEDs it has - they can be disabled. I have one, it was pretty easy to build in, as a lot of external parts can be quite easily removed leaving you with a "roofless" frame to work in. No 5.25" bays, though, if you need one.
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    5960x / MSI x99 Gaming 7 PWM frequency

    I've been poking around the BIOS to somehow iprove my cpu's overclock/stability (4.3ghz @ 1.28V) and noticed the option for PWM frequency. I know that the higher the frequency - the lower the efficiency on VRMs but lower voltage ripple. I have a waterblock stuck on there (on the cpu as well) so...
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    Real Life Wolf of Wall Street Calls Cryptocurrency ICOs Biggest Scam

    "Heyyy, we came up with this cryptocurrency (like BitCoin!!!) and we are trying to sell it at this arbitrary price we thought of - come buy and become rich. We got <<insert some semi-famous person's name>> supporting it!" Yup, seems legit. At least that's what the ads on my facebook feed look...
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    Warning of “Ecological Armageddon” After 75% Plunge in Insect Numbers

    Never said it was unnatural or that we are not a part of nature, but we are more capable than any other animal on the planet and, for better or worse, we think we know what we actually don't know (or just don't give a damn). What I meant was that we, as any other animal, have an impact on the...
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    Warning of “Ecological Armageddon” After 75% Plunge in Insect Numbers

    I think it's pretty clear that we, humans, are unable to be a part of nature and it has been this way for a very long time. Even if we really want - we can't. Humans have caused extinctions of many animal species way before civilisation rose, and now, with all the technology available to us that...