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  • I stand corrected about the Tesla in that case. But it doesn't change the fact about its uses.

    It is interesting that you say CUDA only accelerates CUDA applications. There must be some "magical" mystery then when I use CUDA for non PhysX games and get accelerated performance, especially when dealing with physics oriented graphics.
    Actually Tesla is a computer, with a card. The card is made specifically to work with Tesla systems.
    Also, I have not been living under a rock, almost all games today use physics of some kind. They may not use PhysX or Havok, but they do use physics. PhysX is merely the best option for doing those physics at the moment. CUDA enhances beyond that giving the option to have more coding towards physics and not just limited to in game options.
    Considering I installed CUDA drivers for my 8800GTXs in SLI and gained improvement in just about every game I played, I would say that is pretty telling sign. It is about the way the card processes the information and offloads physics calculation from the CPU onto the GPU. Not all physics in games is through PhysX or Havok.
    News and articles makes no difference, both are posted on HardOCP. Why post links for AMD and not for other companies making advancements in gaming? It is the same scenario.
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