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    Alan Wake 2

    I just finished it over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't like or care for the first Alan Wake. I thought it was repetitive and boring. I liked the story in this game- it was what kept me going trying to get to the end. The first couple chapters of the Alan Wake episodes in the...
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    Any 14900K Black Friday deals?

    Save yourself some money and just get a 13900K.
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    Most demanding game right now in 2023 ?

    Definitely Alan Wake 2 at the moment. I'm getting 37-40 fps on a 13900KS and 4090 with max settings no DLSS. With DLSS it jumps up to 60-70 fps at 4K. This at the beginning of the game in the forest area.
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    WTB: Alan Wake 2 Key (Found)

    Looking for Alan Wake 2 Nvidia GPU purchase code. Looking to push my RTX4090 to the limit. I have PayPal F&F ready. Let me know. Thanks. (Got a key. Thanks.)
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    Please reccomend a Z790 Motherboard

    I've got a NZXT N7 Z790 board in black if you're interested. Comes with Thermal Grizzly contact frame installed. I just switched to Aorus Z790 Master cause the NXZT couldn't run my DDR5 7800 ram at XMP settings. I was to lazy to tweak voltage settings to make it work at 7800 but it ran it with...
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    Raptor Lake refresh

    Lame refresh. I've been running a 14900K for 10 months now (13900KS)....LOL. Oh Intel how the mighty have fallen.
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    Harbor freight 20% off anything this weekend

    I picked this up from the last sale with 15% off coupon. I'm using it to cut down my 16mm acrylic tubing for my watercool PC builds and it works wonderfully. Very quick and clean cuts. I can't believe I was using a hand saw before I discovered this little thing.
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    WTB: Re-paste of Laptop - MN Area

    If you were local I'd do it for free just to help a fellow member out- I'm in Michigan. I've got two gaming laptops that I've repasted- one with Thermal Grizzly and the other with PTM7950. I've got a large sheet of PTM7950 laying around. Going to do the Steam Deck with PTM7950 next.
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    Dead PSU?

    Did Seasonic require a purchase receipt for warranty? I've got a dead 1,000watt Prime and looking to start an RMA but don't have the receipt for it. I purchase it 7-8 years ago.
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    $4000 RTX 4090

    There's always a sucker born every minute! Makes no sense it will probably perform close or slightly better then some of the top tier 4090's.
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    Paypal users...ever seen this?

    Sounds like a European scammer trying to scam North Americans.
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    Exactly.... I like how Prey did it. There's so much junk around I don't know what I'm suppose to pick up and what is junk I don't need for crafting. I've run into situations at the work bench and I'm missing components that I had seen earlier but didn't pick up because I assume it was useless junk.
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    WTB: Nvidia Card for ML

    I've got an Asus Strix 1080Ti if you're interested. Will come with box. Let me know.
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    Square Enix Market Value Plummets By $2 Billion After Final Fantasy 16 Release

    Hahaha I was ready to blame Electronic Arts for the downfall of SquareEnix. Since everything EA touches they seem to kill the parent company. Didn't at one point EA had a minority ownership of Square?
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    I would like to play Starfield

    If you can wait it out- I would do that. You will have a much better experience when it's all patched up with hundreds of mods and it will be much cheaper. I never experienced a Fallout game till Fallout 4. I actually bought the game years after it was released- game of the year edition. I...