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    ASUS STRIX 4090

    Any word on the embroidered pet casket edition?
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    Rare Apple-1 Computer Signed by Steve Wozniak Up for Auction

    We just went with the ton of wire wrapping...
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    Microcenter ESD mat exact fit for Harbor Freight's cheapest Workbench They just FIT. No trimming required. Like a conspiracy or something... Both are metric, 48" is only...
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    Frustrated Father Accidentally Takes Down Town's Internet

    Leave door off microwave. Aim slightly upwind of enemies. Let breeze do the rest.
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    ps2 converter for mechanical keyboard for nkey rollover?

    There is nothing to be found inside those PS/2 converters, all the magic (or not) is in the keyboard. Most USB keyboards retain fallback capability to PS/2 over USB, just so those converters can work. I've searched high and low for a PS/2 keyboard in good condition to connect with Pi Pico's...
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    Google replaced the White Noise on Nest speakers so people can't sleep

    I tried sleep once. Not for me...
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    Pi Pico now boots to MMBASIC I'm trying to hack a VGA cable with some resistors, as the latest beta theoretically supports. Thinking maybe I can stuff this all inside an old PS/2 keyboard. Without pins, its fairly small. By default or...
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    Another useless development, the "impossible" asynchronus XOR gate in 555... One input mixer simultaneously compares against different references with opposing results. References differ by about 1 vote. XOR ( A , B ) = AND ( MAJ3 ( A , B , 0 ) , MIN3 ( A , B , 1 ) ) THRS has been set just...
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    The above plan was doomed. Because it allowed signal to propagate any time after reset, it doesn't hold back to one predictable forward step. Like syncronus if logic happens to tip one way, asynchronus the other. Yeah, completely broken. So what might fix this? Vote time (blue) should be...
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    I actually own a ratpad, but no clue where I've misplaced it. Also have a pair of huge cutting bords I was gonna rout, but got distracted. I know where those are stashed, looking at em right now.
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    Back to Majority logic for a moment... No clue if this would actually work, only got 4 of these ICs in my junk drawer. Coincidentally, Digikey is running some sort of a most useless 555 challenge. I've got till Jan 10th to embarass myself, maybe not impossible. One very slow bit at a time here...
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    World's First "Warp Bubble" found by DARPA

    Warp bubble my eye! How would Darpa like a kick-fund-me for Ed Anger's buttache?
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    Gateless Majority Logic

    And I just had another useless revelation while staring too long at this damn borrow and magnitude chain. Invert: borrow in, borrow out, result out. Another way to mutate A-B to B-A when subtracting. Should work for other ALUs. As relates to my ALU: I've got two new subtraction functions to...
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    500TB in silica glass about the size of CD.

    Though a caption originally attatched to news photo said like 1.5GByte per 8.8mm square. How exactly that figures to 500TB? Best check the math, cause I only extrapolate 193GB from a 10cm square without gaps. Something about this article doesn't smell accurate...
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    8TB HDD completely unrecognizable by one machine, fine in others

    I had one like that, something about the external controller formatted unusual block sizes. Maybe this link explains?