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    Time Best Games of all time

    Although these lists always get controversial (especially coming from a non-gaming publication and combining both console and PC choices) this list is actually fairly decent ... they definitely captured the easy additions of Tetris, Doom, Diablo 2, and others. The 50 Best Video Games of All...
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    Man Blames Developer For Game Addiction, Crashes Car Into HQ

    Maybe he will get help in the penal system. Certainly he will encounter a whole new dimension when his friends poke him.
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    Facebook Must Refund Purchases Made By Children

    Why hold yourself responsible for the behavior of your children when you can make it the responsibility of a large Internet company? If the parents are sharing their accounts with their child then THEY, not Facebook, should be responsible. If they put their credit card information in their...
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    What's the oldest videogame you still play?

    Since there isn't much Diablo 2 love (or people have much older titles to choose from) I will say D2. I still go back to it every now and again to experiment with different character builds (using the Players 8 toggle to increase leveling speed). One of the problems I have with pre 2000 titles...
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    NVIDIA Announces The New Titan X

    That actually becomes more of a deal breaker for me. We'll see how the reviews come out. I really like cards with hybrid coolers (quiet fans and low temperatures). I really wanted to get a Titan Hybrid. We'll see if they open the market later on. Otherwise I might get a Hybrid 1080 later in...
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    How Americans View New Technologies That ‘Enhance’ Human Abilities

    We also have the Seas to exploit as our technology improves. Time for Rapture or Atlantis.
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    How Americans View New Technologies That ‘Enhance’ Human Abilities

    Are you saying that the wealthy and powerful will get this while the poor do not, or that those with excellent health will augment themselves to make them superior, while the disabled who need them the most don't have access? I am not sure that either of those would be true. There is always...
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    How Americans View New Technologies That ‘Enhance’ Human Abilities

    Medical technology benefits greatly from advancements in electronics so it is certainly possible. The improvements in small size computing capabilities have given us enhanced artificial limbs. The improvements in computing overall gave us the map of the human and other genomes. Advanced...
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    NVIDIA Announces The New Titan X

    Just out of curiosity, I haven't gone through all 11 pages yet, would the Titan X be effective for both single card 4K and single card VR. I saw on some of the demos that NVidia ran their Fun House VR program used two 1080 cards (one for physics and one for graphics). Was this primarily a...
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    NVIDIA Announces The New Titan X

    Given the new price points they have created a Niche for a 1080Ti without large price reductions (if they so desire). With the Titan positioned at $1200 and the 1080 at $600-700 they could release a Ti at $900-1000 without hurting the other two cards too much. Keeping a couple of hundred...
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    NVIDIA Announces The New Titan X

    So you are not an early adopter then. However, that doesn't make early adopters fools. If you have the money and you can put the technology to good use, why wouldn't you want to get several years enjoyment out of it rather than waiting. Also, the early adopters serve a useful purpose in the...
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    Judge Says Uber May Have Engaged In Criminal Conduct

    The judge made a comment to the effect that Uber showed poor judgement in hiring the firm to begin with. Also, when you send someone digging exclusively for dirt in order to discredit them, it is highly likely you might have told the firm to use "any means necessary". Uber's rationale for...
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    7 Reasons PC Gaming Is Not Too Hard

    The only benefit of the Alienware brand these days is its association with Dell so that you can use your Dell credit to buy a system. The boutique market is actually doing extremely well and there are plenty of laptop and desktop offerings from the various boutique makers (Falcon Northwest...
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    Gaming on 21:9 widescreen monitor

    I hadn't played in depth since making the adjustment since I was playing some other games in parallel. The items that Zepher mentioned definitely apply. However, I still like the 21:9 for exploring so I can live with the others until a modder or Bethesda gets around to fixing it.
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    Fallout Shelter PC July 2016

    I spent more hours with this game now and although it will likely not win over the non resource management gamer, it is definitely more of a complete game now than at the original launch or some of the previous updates. The slow and steady expansion is now pretty much built into the game...