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    Thinking about getting the Intel NUC 9 Extreme Kit, but have questions?

    You need standard memory for the system to function. Optane memory is for storage acceleration, so it isn't required and will likely not benefit your workloads. I would pick 16-32GB of DDR4 2666 or XMP 3200, and then also go with a 512-1TB NVME ssd. For the RTX 2060 there are a few models but...
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    Intel legacy BIOS support removal?

    What OS/Application do you need legacy support for?
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    This beast should still be fine? SilverStone ST80F-TI for new build

    That PSU is overkill for the build you are intending. You could likely get by with a 650 just fine.
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    Ikea desk gallery

    Ikea JERKER represent!
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    NUC 11 Extreme?

    I believe the code name is Phantom Canyon.
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    10K+ passmark & 64GB RAM miniPCs 2020 ?

    What is your goal? I'm going to make an assumption that the passmark score is related to PLEX transcoding requirements.
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    warped Lian Li hard drive cage

    Is this affecting functionality or just something that bothers you aesthetically? You may have to completely remove the cage by drilling out rivets and such to get it out to flatten the bends.
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    Rosewill 2 port DisplayPort KVM Switch $49.99

    Keep in mind it says it only supports up to DP1.1, so if you are trying to share a gaming monitor with 2 pcs you might not find it such a good deal.
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    Tweaking i9 7980xe Oc

    All that intel storage, you buy it from an intel employee lol! On topic, yeah it sounds like the delid is failing.
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    Intel Intros new PSU standard ATX12VO

    M.2 ssds are 3.3V.
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    Razer Tomahawk Thread

    If the bottom is suitably vented and the top has dual 120's its probably not going to be that much of a problem. I guess we will see.
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    Dan Case A4-SFX v2 Selling my Dan Case v2 that was only used for about a week, all parts included.
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    strange choices in asrock x570 mini itx TB3 can someone explain why to me?

    If it is anything like Intel its very difficult to do power management over the cpu pcie lanes for hot plug capabilities. That is my assumption here anyway.
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    m.2 905p optane

    Yeah optane dims are going to be crazy when/if they get added to the client platforms.
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    m.2 905p optane

    Not trying to start a fight here. I think its important to point out that it may be working in your laptop, but not every laptop is going to have the ability to do so as some cut corners on routing the 3.3V power plane. The drive does not have any power saving features in the firmware which is...