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    control key

    This sounds like some sort of accessibility feature is enabled(perhaps stickykeys or something). If you are using windows, open the accessibility control panel and turn off everything you don't need.
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    Ubuntu Compatibility

    Does the cutter speak HPGL? If so, then you are in luck. Most vector-based drawing programs(such as inkscape) as well as most cad programs(such as qcad) allow saving as HPGL. Then it's just a matter of sending the HPGL file to your plotter: cat foo.hgpl > /dev/ttyS0 or whatever your cutter...
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    Software question

    So basically you're trying to avoid being busted for plagiarism? I've never heard of a program that will do that for you. And I doubt any such program will be sufficiently advanced so as to not be extremely easily detected by anyone who reads the output. But good luck in your search. :)
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    System with two ethernet ports?

    Why? Ethernet is full duplex.
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    Simple USB question

    All USB cables are equal(quality issues aside). Color is just color.
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    Dumpster Diving!

    Big chain stores like BB and CC tend to not throw out anything worthwhile. Possibly. Chances of anything happening are quite slim, though. Firstly, the store probably doesn't own the dumpster; thusly, anything placed in the dumpster is technically property of the garbage collection company...
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    Searching for XBOX 360 Deals

    Asking doesn't help anyone when the whole forum is filled with requests rather than actual deals. That's why it's against the rules.
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    Question about finding hardware

    huh? Have you seen the prices items tend to go for on ebay? Pretty close to what they are worth. There isn't some magical retailer out there who sells stuff considerably cheaper than everyone else. If there was, then wouldn't everyone be shopping there already?
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    Non-contiguous disk usage is not an error.
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    Linux that boots up with no log in. Opens VmWare.

    You missed his point. If all you are doing is running an OS inside vmware, why not just run that OS directly?
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    Who has the fastest net connection?

    I think his confusion is a result of your speed test results being considerably higher than what a T1 should be. What is your actual connection?
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    Opteron 148 46.46

    Are you serious? Check the title of the post you quoted. ;)
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    freeware of partition magic

    Check out gparted. You'll probably be interested in the livecd. But if you just want to create a partition in the empty space then you can just use the windows disk management control panel.
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    A good site to learn the command line? That is a guide that a couple professors at my old university wrote. Probably not the best, and it isn't comprehensive, but it's a good starting point to get an idea of how to do things. Some of it is Truman-specific, but you can ignore...
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    Music player?

    Because xmms works and I don't need 90% of the features amarok has.