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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    Few pics I took, digital camera doesnt really do it justice tho:
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    Iptorrent Invites

    Some random ppl are pming me now asking for it.
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    Auria EQ276W review ($399 27" 2560x1440 IPS)

    The backlight glow in the lower right bugs me occasionally on dark screens when I notice it, but for most stuff it really isn't an issue.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    The physics are pretty disappointing. There are no complete building collapses like in BC2
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    Frank's 2013 upgrade.......

    I cannot wait to get the build on though.........
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    [H] Dropbox

    I didn't keep up on the methods to get more space