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    LG 48CX

    The one thing I struggled finding an answer for. Using this as a monitor, I have my input changed to PC. Obviously (currently) I can only reap the benefits of 4:4:4 when at 60hz. The question is, if I'm using my PS4 Pro and connected to a different HDMI input, should I be changing that input to...
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    FS: Wheel Stand Pro Super Warthog (NJ)

    Just a 24 hour bump.
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    FS: Wheel Stand Pro Super Warthog (NJ)

    Model pictured here below on Amazon link.. Purchased on 4/13/19. Missed the return period. Ended up building a rig. Paid $324, looking for $250. Will drive a short distance from Somerset County, NJ to meet up. Cash only. Mint condition and already boxed up...
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    SOLD: LG 32GK850G-B 32 Gsync/165HZ Monitor

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    FS 5x 1070 GTX EVGA

    When the listing ended, I decided to strip a few other builds I have and use some of the parts to build a dedicated streaming PC. For anyone asking about mining. I can show the period of time these ran, and when they were purchased. These cards mined for less than 20 days actual running time...
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    FS: Corsair HXi 1200i Goodluck!
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    FS 5x 1070 GTX EVGA

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    Question about monitor ratios these days

    I feel didn't read the original post at all?
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    FS: Western Digital 4TB Red HDD

    Sorry, do you mean how much do I want for a quick sale? I'd take $180
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    FS: Western Digital 4TB Red HDD\ 2 of them for grabs, good luck!
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    FS: 6x 1070GTX Mining Rig Ethereum 188Mh/s

    Not looking to part it out, sorry.