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    3090 mining worth is at the moment?

    In winter the electricity cost is offset by the savings in heating. Where I live the heating is electric only, so the mining electricity cost is practically free. You won't be gaming on it 24/7, mining is practically a no-brainer to offset the cost. Even if it were to fail it will be under warranty.
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    Do people actually still use Trackpoints / Pointing Sticks?

    It can definitely be more efficient if you are used to it since you don't have to move your hands off the keyboard to move the mouse.
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    Intel Iris Xe vs Intel Iris Plus vs GTX 1650 vs Ryzen

    Lots of 2 in 1s with Ryzen but cant think of one with a greater than 1080p screen. You need to pick and choose what is important to you.
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    On the Idiocy of buying an ASIC miner to mine Bitcoin

    I think they get volume and preorder discounts. ASIC miners are mostly for large-scale miners, not for us small potatoes. There may also be some tax shenanigans going on between business expense, depreciation, and how easily capital gains on the coins are avoided.
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    When will Video Card prices come down lower?

    As long as fab capacity is constrained Intel is not going to make any difference. Intel is using TSMC, not its own fabs for GPU.
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    Apple India factory of on probation for wanting better food and better conditions

    Apple (and others) manufacture in China and India for very different reasons. China's labor cost is lower than the US but it is expensive now in comparison to Vietnam, India etc. Even environmental regulations are much more stringent than before. The advantage is mostly in the scale of...
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    Ipad pro - usb c to hdmi

    No issues with usbc.
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    New gaming PC build: AMD 5600X/AM4 or Intel 12600K/LG1700? You advice is appreciated!

    I'd price out the systems and see what the actual difference is. Within $100-200 Alder Lake seems to be a better choice if keeping for 5 years.
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    Problem 4000 mhz

    Check if there is any BIOS update? Some boards required updates to run 4x 32gb. That said pretty sure your board supports 256.
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    I need an impossible to find laptop within a budget.

    Zephyrus G15? It is periodically on sale for a bit over $1.5k
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    Apple leaks M1 Max Duo, and M1 Ultra

    Hard to bet against Apple at this point. They have a ridiculous amount of resources to throw at talent and tech. Apple is like double the market cap of Nvidia, Intel and AMD combined.
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    FTC Sues to Block $40 Billion Semiconductor Chip Merger

    China doesn't care about ARM, they just want to be able to license. I'll bet you money that ARM China is not going to make any difference in this and certainly won't be buying its parent...
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    5900x microstuttering, stuttering, slowing down windows

    Buy/borrow replacement parts and swap them in one by one to isolate the problem. Start with the motherboard.
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    Samsung 980 Pro 2TB $279 at Newegg

    Good deal. A bit tempted but just got the MSI deal as well.
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    What happened to Zen 3+?

    Doubt there will ever be a shortage. Makes more sense to mine with Epyc rather than Ryzen for Raptoreum. The parts to build a computer add up pretty quickly. Also Raptoreum care only about L3 cache. Doesn't make sense to get Zen 3 when Zen 2 gets the same hashrate.