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    the motorola V600

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    my v600 is trashed...

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    looking for a dvd player

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    16bit to 32bit

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    native sata and nf2...

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    just bought the nec 2510a

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    the a64 and pc3200

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    we NEED a PPU faq..

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    motorola V3c?

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    AMD Commits to ATI Branding and Discrete High End

    i wonder what they have lined up..
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    So when Vista is released (Jan. 07) and a person has a DX10 GPU, what happens? Demos?

    halo2 has nothing to do with dx10... its just something microsoft is doing to make you buy vista.
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    Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 Confirmed for PS3

    i have to admit, im really interested if there will be apps/etc that will make proper use of that processor...
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    Firefox 2.0 vs IE7 - Pure Ownage

    i love opera.. for some reason i just cant get it to work as well as firefox in linux though. :(
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    Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 Confirmed for PS3

    sure would make things interesting... if one would actually be able to use the ps3 as a fully functional home pc.
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    Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 Confirmed for PS3

    can the linux kernel make full use of the cell?