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    Dual CPU heatsink recommendation (S1366, X8DTI motherboard)

    this will be the one:
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    Dual CPU heatsink recommendation (S1366, X8DTI motherboard)

    Hi all, I'm in the process of building up my home lab and I just snagged a Supermicro X8DTI and two L5630s (40W TDP 4c/8t) on ebay for a couple hundred bucks. I plan to toss this into my big rocketfish/lianli case, but I can use some recommendations on what to use for a heatsink/fan. My goal is...
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    Rasp sucks!

    Rasp sucks!
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    Make this Christmas [H]ard to forget

    Best of luck from OCF!
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    should I upgrade 1155 to 1150?

    You won't notice a performance difference much at all. Only worth it if there are other features that you are looking for that Ivy doesn't have that Haswell supports.
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    do timings and latency matter?

    Overall (depending on your users) outside of benchmarking timings really doesn't make too much of a difference (maybe a %)
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    The board is basically just concept right now, there aren't any socket2011 cpus on the market, let alone anyone that has touched one has been under NDA with it. You will have to wait to see what comes in the next 6 months or so.
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    GTX560 Ti or 6870 for BF3

    I very highly doubt you can find many places where a GTX580 is 40+fps higher than a 6970 (an unlocked 6950). edit: I may stand corrected in terms of a handful of games that seem to be just better coded for nvidia cards, but for the most...
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    So the stock i3 2100 cooler is better than the stock i7 2600k cooler.

    I'd still say that a 1C delta isn't much to talk about. At most you can say that the two coolers are approximately equal at load temperatures. But if you put them under a load of prime95/lynx/etc I wonder if it would show more difference there? the 1C could also be down to as much as cure...
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    Just ordered a 2500k for my new build. Am I going to regret not going for the 2600k?

    I agree, unless you are doing benchmarking or heavy encoding the 2500k is the way to go. As soulsavior said, put that $100 towards the graphics card, better cooling, an ssd, etc.
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    AMD bets on Bulldozer to take back the desktop

    Perfect post right here. Completely agree with it. Bulldozer has a pretty big fight on its hands for trying to get past Sandy Bridge in the performance-crown area. AMD has always been a pretty solid bang-for-the-buck setup, but SB came and took that away with the 2500k and even the 2600k in...
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    2500k - Can't get to 4.5Ghz - Plz Help!

    Most people say going about 4.5-4.6 requires it to be turned on. Of course that is chip dependant, and also possible that you have it set on auto and it does it automatically. I generally go with enabled/disabled though to better control it.
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    GTX 580 Classified

    It's meant for people who will be strapping a GPU Pot onto it anyway, air/water really don't matter in this case.
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    I7 920 @ 4000 worth it to upgrade?

    I recently just upgraded from my 920 @ 4.0/4.2 to a 2500k because I got a good deal on it and for the benchmarking (I can get the 2500k to run at 5.2 on air for benchmarks).
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    Core i7 920 voltage question

    That's the most your board can do is 1.232 vcore? That can't be right. You should be OK to put up to around 1.4v into a chip (my 920 would sit at 4.2 no prolem with vcore at 1.375 and qpi at 1.385, but I also had stronger memory requirements with my hypers so the QPI was a bit more needed.