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    Does anyone ever have trouble with the built-on I/O panel on modern motherboards and older cases?

    Someone asked for an update: happy to report that there were no issues though I did go with very low profile liquid cooling instead of air, so...
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    What is your backup GPU?

    I have 2 backup GPUs - a GTX 660 Ti and another one in the same family of slightly less power that I inherited from my sister after she passed away (I was the one who picked it out for her). My current GPU is an Asus STRIX GTX 1070 that I paid about $350 for on sale when it first came out. It...
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    Disapponited with EVGA Flow Control software for my 280mm radiator - is there an alternative?

    I thought I read something about a few users not being able to get their fans to go below 60% through the BIOS but maybe tthey didn't do it right or their BIOSs didn't support it. I have a fairly new motherboard (Asus ROG STRIX z490-E with the latest BIOS) so I'll look into it. Thx.
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    Disapponited with EVGA Flow Control software for my 280mm radiator - is there an alternative?

    I installed my EVGA 280mm CLC RGB liquid cooler into my Phanteks P500A DRGB case last week with no serious issues. But the EVGA flow control software for it seems to suck. Have everything set to auto/defaults but when I run it, it makes my radiator fans spin at more than 1000 RPM, sometimes...
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    What was your 1st 3D video card ?

    Yeah, imagine my surprise when I could play Shadow Warrior for MS-DOS (which had also just come out) at 800 X 600, I think, on my Cirrus-logic board at about 20-25 FPS after I had upgraded my system to a true Intel Pentium running at 166MHz. It could brute force a game that I previously could...
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    This is why I recommend against using a 10 year old PSU for a new build.

    I use an old 7-8 year old 650-watt NeoECO Antec. Amazingly, it runs fine, even driving a 280mm cooler and three 140mm fans (RGB) and a power-hungry 10850K chip with GTX 1070 video. I agree though that the PSU is something you do NOT want to go cheap cunt on. I remember using a PSU that an OEM...
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    What was your 1st 3D video card ?

    The Cirrus-Logic 1MB SVGA card that came inside the assembled AMD 5x86-based system I bought from a local Vietnamese computer dealership in the suburbs of Boston (later shut-down because they use to pirate all the MS-DOS/Windows 3.1 installations that came on their machines). It was so powerful...
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    Newegg Shuffle going bezerk

    I checked it out today... if it continues the way it did today and as described in this topic... well, R.I.P. Newegg Shuffle.
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    Stability tests for 10th gen 10900k/10850k?

    Because I was concerned I had a bad board and/or memory/cpu because of cpu internal errors HWiNFO64 reported while unraring large archives (have since discovered it was a bad archive that would pass Winrar integraty checks but caused winrar crashes and the cpu internal errors), I really tortured...
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    Best M.2 NVMe PCIe adapter

    I don't know but I was pretty damn annoyed that once I installed the Lycom adapter into one of my PCIe shots, it cut the bandwidth of my GTX 1070 video card from 16x speed to 8X speed even if I noticed no difference in real world applications (ie games) and only benchmarks could determine it was...
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    Cloning NVME PCIe3 to NVME PCIe4

    Certainly an upgrade from the days of Partition Magic though it owes a lot to that once great partition manager. I have Partition Wizard on the Ventoy boot disks I make as one of my invaluable PC tools. Some of the content in this topic is a bit puzzling to me since I'm pretty sure I used it...
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    Best M.2 NVMe PCIe adapter

    I used an old Lycom DT-120 M.2 PCIe to PCIe 3.0 x4 Adapter for my EVO M.2 and learned the hard way about PCIe slots that share bandwidth with other slots/intefaces on my old Z87 motherboard. So just be careful and check your motherboard manual about which slots share bandwidth or actually end...
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    What is your "coping" strategy for the time until you can get a latest-model Nvidia/AMD GPU?

    I have no coping strategy other than upgrading everything else I possibly can until the day we see nvidia GPU light at the end of the tunnel. So I upgraded my motherboard to z490-class and cpu to i9 10900K/10850K levels of awesomeness while still running my old GTX 1070 with it. I do notice a...
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    Do I need the 4-pin EPS power connector on my motherboard if I'm just overclocking ram?

    I'm a frugal to a fault so I tend to use/recycle as much as I can pull from my old system when doing a new upgrade so in this case I'm using my old Antec NeoECO 620C 620W PSU which doesn't have the extra 4-pin EMS connector but does have the 8-pin one.
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    Cloning NVME PCIe3 to NVME PCIe4

    I used Partition Wizard Technician Edition to clone my last drives. Fast as fuck, and it just... works.