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    3 x 8GB PC3 RAM

    Nice, do you have any heatsinks for the xeons ?
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    FS: i5 4670k, 16gb DDR3, 120mm rgb coolermaster AIO, asrock z87 combo

    Rush service available? NICE! bump : )
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    FS: Maximus Formula X, EVGA 1000w PSU, NH-D15

    That was a big cooler! They sell those at whole foods? :D
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    For Sale -- PC Components

    What is the model of the SSD's and approximate life/usage? Thanks!
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    FS: Dell 23" All-in-One, Behringer Audio Interface, HDD's, PS4 games, more!

    Where would local pickup be for the monitor?
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    2500K Sandy Bridge PC/Which GPU?

    I am still running a 2500K @ 4.5ghz... my old videocard died after several years.. put in an ASUS STRIX Vega 56 8GB. Running great! I can tell a huge difference.
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    do you guys still use air can to spray clean the case or you use compressor?

    I use one of these with my compressor in the garage, it is about 4 foot tall. We have added a moisture/oil trap on the output. Have used it at least 5 times on various computers never had any issues.
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    RX Vega Owners Thread

    I haven't noticed any issues yet.. I'm using a Corsair HX620, yeah old school modular. I am using two seprate 8-pin's each going to their own plug on the power supply. HWinfo says the vega is sucking 244 watts max. I set the +50% on the power with the undervolt at 1050mv.
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    RX Vega Owners Thread

    Got the vega 56 friday so had some time over the weekend.. 1. Used wattman to undervolt and set the fan to run higher. I left the clocks the same for now as the ASUS is already factory OC. (1583 mhz) 2. Fan at 100% is quieter than the twin frozr 7950 at 100%. I play with headphones so that...