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    Would you trust an eBay Windows install?

    Well, this is becoming obnoxious pretty quickly. Balena Etcher didn't work, it'll boot but the Windows installer says it can't find drivers. Ventoy also boots, but then loading the installer fails with a Windows screen saying blah-blah fail. So, I followed the guide travm posted, translating...
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    Would you trust an eBay Windows install?

    Windows 7 Pro retail-something-or-other. Thanks for the link, I'm not sure I've seen that particular one. I have seen some similar ones. My particular flavor of Linux needs updating and the kernel is apparently behind so it has some file system issues. I need to update my desktop, which has...
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    Would you trust an eBay Windows install?

    OK, that's what I figured--good to know not much has changed. The problem is, I don't have a Windows machine available to make an installer with--or at least I haven't had any luck so far.
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    Would you trust an eBay Windows install?

    As with most of us that have been around this a while, I've always reinstalled any new hardware that came with Windows--except maybe a recent laptop I bought with Windows (but it ended up with Fedora on it). I bought one of those mini SFF machines from eBay to use as a media center, but it came...
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    External case/toaster/etc to test and clean up old 3.5 drives?

    I have a single disk Sabrent USB 3.0 dock with the hinged dust cover. It works fine for testing drives. I think the newer versions come with fans in them to cool the drive. I've used it several times to test drives with SMART and dd. Works fine, but the drive does get hot without a fan. I...
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    Recommend a headphone amp / DAC

    That sounds reasonable enough. I think I will give it a shot. No sense spending more if I'm not going to get a justifiable gain.
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    Is this indicative of silent data corruption?

    About two years or so ago I switched over from a barebones FreeBSD file server with ZFS to Synology (for ease of replication--2 Synology units--and small form factor). At that time I switched from centralized data to local data for better file performance. I use Advanced Business Backup for...
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    Recommend a headphone amp / DAC

    Currently I have a Micca Origain DAC/amp I'm using with a pair of JBL Stage A130's. The setup is decent enough but I can't use any headphones with it. I think it would be a good idea to add a headphone setup, but I'll probably need a new DAC and amp (or combination). Right now I have 3...
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    How is IPS/IDS src/dst system different from NAT?

    It's been a while since I've run any sort of IPS/IDS (or researched it), so some of my info might be out of date. Intrusion detection is totally separate of NAT. As you say, NAT is comparing origin and destination, translating to keep all the traffic together, and dropping traffic that doesn't...
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    Is there a pfSense equivalent that is based on linux?

    Untangle isn't a fork of pfsense, but it does run on Debian so it would meet OP's requirements. I ran Untangle for quite a while a few years ago, and it's a pretty solid system. Endian would be another choice. I ran it a long time ago before it went away and came back. Sophos is another good...
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    SOHO Rack Mount Firewall Recommendation

    I have a Cisco RV340 I use in a rack at home, I've had it probably a couple years now. It's not sexy by forum standards, but it has a surprising amount of features and a simple GUI interface and it has been very reliable. I use it for ACLs, DHCP, and VLANS and it easily fits in a network rack...
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    Synology Hyper Backup is killing me, any ideas?

    I will start over with the backup without compression and see if that helps. I am currently backup up the whole system in one backup, but I've seen suggestions to split this up. Would that help any, does that change performance at all? I've set up iPerf in a Docker instance and ran some tests...
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    Seagate 5TB "advanced format" drive in Blue Iris?

    Oh right, duh--these are full size 3.5" drives. ST5000DM000 is the model number, but they are a few years old. I shucked them and had them running in a server for a couple months and they were fine, but it was just backup/file storage.
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    92mm ARGB Fan: Asking too much?

    I was actually looking at some similar adapters recently. Do you have access to a 3D printer? There are some OK designs already on Thingieverse. I think I also saw a couple 3D printed adapters on eBay that someone made, but don't have the link handy. No idea on the fan itself, so I'm no help...
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    How long do keyboards last?

    I still have a pair of IBM's from the early '90's. If it didn't wake up the neighbors it'd be on my desk. I had an original Microsoft Natural that lasted for a very long time as well, until I wanted something updated. I still have a Trackball Explorer that works great, and it's probably 20...