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    PWM Signal Generator for Fan Control?

    From Building PWM Controller for 4 wires PWM fan | Overclockers Forums
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    Accelero S1 v2 on 8800 Ultra mod.

    I put an S1 on my 9800GT. Not sure how different the 8800 Ultra is, but my install might give you some ideas. My 9800GT / Accelero S1 Rev2 / Scythe PWM install
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    Air or Water? $50-$75 range

    This pretty much sums it up for me. My ECO A.L.C.'s pump finally died after 4.5 years of 24x7 use. Due to the layout of the rad, mobo, and case, I was forced to mount it a certain way. That resulted in the intake hose not being on the bottom, causing the pump to occasionally suck air (which I...
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    AIO vs. good air

    My Phanteks PH-F120XP and PH-F140XP case fans are much louder than any of my AIO pumps (ECO A.L.C., Corsair H60, and Tt Water 3.0 Performer). It actually took me a while to figure out that the pump in my A.L.C. was dying - there was no noticeable noise when it was running, so there wasn't any...
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    Do H100's Need to Be Replaced Over Time?

    I had my CoolIt ECO ALC for about 4.5 years, running pretty much 24x7, before the pump died.
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    How often should you replace a CPU water cooler?

    I had my CoolIt ECO ALC for about 4.5 years, running pretty much 24x7, before the pump died. When it died, I bought a new H60 to replace it, and I'm using another AIO to cool my GPU. I'm very happy with the combination of price, performance, and...
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    Seeking opinions on a cooling idea

    The original CM690 had a mount for an 80x10mm fan under the mobo/CPU. The biggest issue is that there's generally not a lot of room there for a big fan or much airflow. You end up with a fan that's not all that quiet and isn't moving that much air. I'm sure you could make it work better in...
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    recommended all in one cpu cooler - single radiator

    I had my i7-920 (OCed to 3.5GHz) in a CM690 with a CoolIt ECO ALC. With a single fan on a normal-thickness rad, it peaked in the low 60s. After 4.5 years of running pretty much 24x7, the pump finally died. I replaced it with the new version of...
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    new upcoming video cards will only have DP ports (DVI/HDMI phased out)

    That sounds to me like getting rid of the old analog stuff. Notice that they specifically mentioned DVI-I, which is the variant with integrated VGA. DVI-D video is HDMI-compatible (but it doesn't have audio or HDCP) so you can convert between the two ports easily with a cheap adapter. DP can...
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    GTX 970 Cooler Versions

    I'm quite happy with my EVGA GTX970 SSC ACX 2.0+. On the quiet BIOS, it turns the fan completely off until it hits 60°C. It was keeping my card in the low to mid 60's at only ~350RPM. With the AIO cooler installed, it's peaking in the 30's. I too have always preferred the idea of the video...
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    Can I output video from a dedicated PhysX card?

    A "dedicated PhysX card" is just another video card. I used my PhysX card for my second monitor the whole time it was installed. However, I don't have firsthand experience with SLI. I'm not sure what the options are for routing video out a card that's not part of the SLI cluster (back in my...
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    Need Input on Mounting a Corsair Hydro H55

    I think B is better. That seems like it would also get more (though slightly warmer) airflow over the rest of the card too. I have a Lancool PC-K63 with an H60 on the CPU and a Tt Water 3.0 on the GPU. All three of the clear fans visible in this pic are intake in my setup. I have my...
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    Who would sell thermal tape locally?

    Another option is to use regular thermal paste on most of the chip, with a tiny dot of superglue in the corners. The TIM will do the heat transfer as usual, and the superglue will hold the heatsink on securely, while still popping off easily if you're specifically trying to remove them. The...
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    What's the overall coolest running card?

    The EVGA GTX970 SSC ACX 2.0+ has an Accelero-like cooler on it, and it's programmed so the fans don't even come on until 60°C. While playing HotS at 1080p with the highest settings, the fans only spin up to about 350RPM to keep it in the low to mid 60's. I was quite impressed with how cool and...
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    I'm getting old and lazy, so I'm likely to settle for "decent but easy" rather than trying to wring every last MHz out of it. I originally went with 167 BCLK because it's a nice multiple from the stock 133, so it doesn't skew all the other speeds. I was trying to get back to the stock 25x...