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    Dell Perc 6/i -- Still a good option for budget RAID 5/6 home server?

    Yeah, I think you guys are right considering the price of 3TB WD Red's vs 2TB Reds. Maybe I need to do some more research. My budget is pretty low so maybe ZFS is a better option for me instead of hardware raid. Put more money into actual drives instead of more hardware (and I actually would...
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    Dell Perc 6/i -- Still a good option for budget RAID 5/6 home server?

    Thanks for the responses guys!! I dont really plan on upgrading to larger than 2tb drives. As long as the 2tb Red drives will work with the Perc 6i, I think it should be just fine. I will be getting a brand new battery for whatever controller I end up with anyways. I really dont need high...
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    Dell Perc 6/i -- Still a good option for budget RAID 5/6 home server?

    TTT? Any advice would be much appreciated :)
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    Dell Perc 6/i -- Still a good option for budget RAID 5/6 home server?

    Hi Guys, I have a quick question for those that know alot more than I... I have always wanted to migrate to a raid 5 or raid 6 setup for my home server. I really just want something stable that will do Raid 5 with 6x2TB HDDs (Or 4 depending on my budget). Anyways, I favor reliability over...
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    Which thin gaming laptop

    I'm in the same boat. I am going to wait for the 860m to release, and if the power consumption is lower than the 765m I am giong to get either the MSI GS60, or the Clevo W230SS. But if there is not much of a performance increase, I am going to try and get a used W230ST with the 765m for a...
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    Best mSATA drives for Raid-0?

    Hi guys, I am trying to find info on which mSata drives are the best for raid applications. I am getting a laptop with 2x mSATA slots + a standard 2.5 HDD bay and I want to take full advantage. I have been looking at the Plextor M5M and Mushkin Atlas Deluxe 120/128gb models, but was...
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    Need help with a sound system for my Mom

    Guys, I need some help with a good audio setup for my mom. She lives in India so I kind of need to be able to fit this stuff in a suitcase to avoid import taxes :D No home theater duty -- She only needs to be able to play music from an Iphone/laptop so I was really thinking about buying some...
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    Help migrating multiple vmware clusters into a single cluster.

    We're looking to move physical machines into a different cluster, basically "collapsing" or merging 3 clusters into a single cluster. The virtual machines will stay on the same server / storage. The kicker is I dont currently have access to he Vsphere console but I need to figure out the...
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    SSD performance: 2 seperate drives vs RAID 0 vs 1 large drive

    It depends on what you do really. My preferred setup after lots of testing is independent mid-sized drives (vs raid 0 or one large drive). I can use it as a scratch drive for my VM's so my main programs and OS dont take a hit on performance/usability. If you are just running games off it, I...
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    Who else always gets defective fans?

    I love my Enermax twister-bearing fans. Quiet, not too expensive, and they have lasted a loooong time (at least 3 years at this point). By comparison my Yate Loons lasted about a year before the bearings started to go (one by one), Lian Li case fans are just terrible, Scythe regular sleeve...
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    Warm? Lenovo Notebook with GT650M SLI for $899.

    Its called Classic Shell. You can pretty much disable any of the metro BS if you really dont like it, I have been running 8 on my desktops for quite some time now and It is basically like windows 7 but feels alot snappier (but less sparkle because there isnt any areo).
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    $25 blu-ray drive for pc

    I really ONLY want a ripping Bluray drive so this is perfect for me! Thanks OP!
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    ASUS Z77 Motherboards - Official Support Thread

    Will try that tomorrow (its for a work computer), thank you very much. Describes the problem exactly as I am having - forgot to mention that I googled the shit out of the problem for an hour before posting.
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    ASUS Z77 Motherboards - Official Support Thread

    I am having a similar issue. Brand new build, Asus P8Z77-V PRO/THUNDERBOLT, i7 3770K, 32gb Gskil Ares 1866 32 GB kit, XFX 7770 Ghz Ed, Seasonic X750 F3-1866C10Q-32GAB is the exact model # of the ram kit I bought (32gb matched kit) I double checked the CPU pins and I dont see anything that...
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    Need help on server build from scratch

    Also, buy an Intel NIC instead of that trendnet, Flawless and really well built.