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    Diablo 4's Release Date...

    Blizzard gets a lot of hate online, and I hate contributing to that chatter, but I have to say... A decade (or more) ago, Blizzard took forever releasing games because they wanted to deliver a high quality game. Usually the wait was worth it. These days? They still take just as long to release...
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    Fry's Electronics: 20% Off In-Store on Saturdays

    I was there a few months ago. I wouldn't call it dead and empty yet, but it was definitely on the decline. I hear Micro Center, which is only a few minutes down the road here, has taken a lot of business from Fry's.
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    Uber Eats eating restaurant profits.

    The problem is, these "sharing economy" delivery businesses aren't profitable and never will be. It's why they do things like take a cut from the restaurant and skim driver tips. A truly "honest" delivery platform would have to charge something like $10/order to stay in the black.
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    Intel 7nm ambitions are...lofty

    It's been said here many times, but "Intel can't even get to 10nm, no way they can get to 7nm" isn't how semiconductor processing works. Intel's 10nm process is a multi-patterning process based on traditional immersion lithography, which has been the source of most of their woes. They did this...
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    Google created an iMessage like messaging system called "Chat".

    Oh, Google, how the tables have turned. Back to catching up to Apple, but in a half-assed way that makes sure they can still snoop on you.
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    Google Suspends Transfers of Technology with Huawei

    Tech journalists are acting like this is the end for Huawei, but aren’t they just going to fork Android, build their own ecosystem, and keep going? They’re the largest cell phone company in the world. If they fork Android, their version will become the de facto standard overnight...
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    Anandtech: Intel Details Manufacturing through 2023: 7nm, 7+, 7++, with Next Gen Packaging

    Intel’s 10 nm process is very different from their 7 nm process. Their 10 nm is a multi-patterning process (I think it’s SAQP), but their 7 nm process is a single-patterning process (with EUV). They’ve already been working on their EUV tech concurrently with their SAQP tech.
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    Quakecon 2019 registration is open!

    Any inside scoop on whether Intel's newest rep will be there?
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    Memory Prices Are Coming Back Down to Earth

    "Coming Back Down to Earth" is really a terrible way to look at it. Yes, DDR4 finally costs the same it did at launch. A better way to look at things: DDR4 is four year old tech and still selling for the same price it did at launch, thanks to market manipulation.
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    Android Facial Recognition Cracked With 3D Printed Heads

    It's this the same software that could be fooled with a printed photo of the user? Really making progress here, Google...
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    Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB Edition is a winner for power users

    Are you certain the "real deal" is posted? Your screenshot shows it's based on version 1809, which is the release that was pulled from mainstream Windows 10...
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    Android Security Updates are Now Mandatory

    All true, along with another point: That 5S isn't just getting bug fixes, but also performance improvements. My iPhone 6 is running so well that I've once again deferred upgrading. The prospect of spending a thousand dollars on a device that will be running abandonware in 2 years is just crazy...
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    DHS Seizes Aftermarket Apple Laptop Batteries from Independent Repair Expert

    [H] is a little slow on this story... Rossmann has already admitted that these were indeed counterfeit batteries. Congrats to CBP on a job well done!!
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    Apple Special Event (Sept 12 2018)

    I'll grant it's a lower resolution screen, but I don't view any media on my phone so I don't really care if it's a lower resolution. I'm not sure where you're coming from on the price. Phones in general cost too much nowadays, but that's nothing specific to the XR.
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    Apple Special Event (Sept 12 2018)

    The XR looks like a really nice mid-range compromise. My wife and I are both on very old phones, so we'll probably grab the XR next time someone does a BOGO offer.