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    iPad Finger Painting Portrait of Morgan Freeman

    Have to agree with the BS statement: Here's my layered version over the HD youtube clip. Minor ration issue I'm guessing from my screen cap. Image is full size so just click the link below.
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    US Dept of Defense OKs Social Media Access

    Being active duty USAF with 17 years service I'd say it's got it's good and bad things. Some of us can use it to tap experienced minds from around the world where a quick question can be answered by many and not by one guy who might be wrong. Many of us already do this with our cell phones...
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    Transparent Laptop

    So much for privacy.
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    Man Mods Missles onto Motorcycle

    FTW! :cool:
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    Galaxy - 8 Weeks of Free Video Cards @ [H] - Week 3

    22 pages and 849 hopefulls. Plus 1.
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    Cool CG Car Video of the Day

    So that's where all the folding cycles have been going.
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    Defense Department Partially Lifting Flash Drive Ban

    Guess comm is finally getting sick of the massive boost in email traffic since they stopped letting us store files on our personnel thumb drives. When they started this ban we'd have to email files to ourselves to use on different computers because they can't figure out how to create a folder...
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    Ham Radio Enthusiasts Hope to Bounce Off Moon Today

    I have my ham license - KD0DNT. I use my radio to relay information to the national weather service since I am a local Skywarn storm spotter/storm chaser.
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    Are these XBOX 360 game prices insane or what?

    Yea it's gotta be a error in the search results. Still insanely funny though. Thank God one-click buy wasn't turned on.
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    Are these XBOX 360 game prices insane or what?

    Ok so I'm sitting here next to my 10 year old looking at games for his XBOX 360 on Amazon. These prices are retarded, just look for yourself.... Transformers $128.97 Madden 07 $107.97 Tenchu Z $128.97 Call if Juarez $141.97 I don't think he clicking the obscenely rick snobs link for...
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    Pc gaming chair

    My chair is very close to that. Except mine has microfiber suede and a waterfall designed seat cushion to help blood flow so your legs don't fall asleep. Very very comfortable. Got it at Sam's Club for $99 and I like it better than the all leather $200+ chairs they had there.
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    Secret Photo Embedded On Vista DVDs?

    Got it on my Ultimate 64 OEM
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    ASUS Commando @ [H] Enthusiast

    Anyone know how to disable the Press any key to continue.... prompt at the CD detection stage when booting up?
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    Asus Commando, post problems? Read inside.

    I just got my Asus Commando with a E6600, 4 gig of G.Skill DDR2800 and Ati HD2900XT to upgrade my current system. So I assemble the new setup and everything is working great. Speedy and fast. I clean up my cluster around my desk and push the tower back into it's spot with all my USB cables...
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    8800GTX or HD2900XT?

    I don't know but a bunch of guys over at Rage is saying they are not having the same problems as in the review. I got a 2900 coming, shoot me, it's my money, if this don't work, I'll RMA back to newegg.