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    [FS/FT:US] 30+ Thinkpads, Networking Gear (Cisco/Juniper), and other good stuff. Updated as we move.

    All Sold, those of you that PM'd me and didn't get an order, i'm working on decommissioning a couple more machines and will get back to you. Thanks everyone!
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    [FS/FT:US] 30+ Thinkpads, Networking Gear (Cisco/Juniper), and other good stuff. Updated as we move.

    We're moving office locations and need to get rid of a lot of gear! Paypal verified payments, or trades negotiated for lists below. Heatware under same name / linked account. TRADE / Looking for: Modern Warfare (RTX code) Dreamcast / Saturn / Sega CD Games (US) Laptops: I will include AC...
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    Gamersgate Borderlands sale.

    You are correct about the keys being multi-platform.
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    Steam - Celebrate Fallout 4 SALE

    Greenman gaming has it 23% off right now for next 48 hours (so $46 for steam code). I'm going to wait until i see what bs pre order content deals they announce. I hope it's like previous versions where you can download them and drop into the game folder instead of others that pretty much...
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    Deactivation Of Fraudulently Obtained ESO Game Keys

    I understand the arguement if it's clearly stated that VPN's to bypass region were used, but the under market price of games on ebay / websites isn't all that un-common for legitimate games. For example how many people sold the witcher or are selling the next batman game for $30 (have of...
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    [FT] PS4 and XBone games - want Dreamcast / N64 / Gamecube / games consoles etc.

    I'm putting together a gaming room in an adjacent building to our office as part of a *rec center*. Looking for older consoles, controllers, games, etc. to fill it out and open the kids up to classic gaming. WTT: The last of us PS4 digital redemption code Assasins Creed Unity and Black...
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    Amazon, Newegg and Walmart Unleash 'Black November' Deals

    This article is from 2011 - Was there a newer version you were linking too? "November 2, 2011 -- 07:52 GMT (00:52 PDT)"
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    Unlimited OneDrive (formerly skydrive) Storage for Office 365 subscribers

    You'll have to send in a support ticket request with MS to merge the accounts. I'd doubt it works though :( I'm curious if there will be any changes to files sizes / current restrictions with this upgrade.
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    Iptorrent Invites

    I have a couple IPT and Google INBOX invites / would love to have BCG or BTN
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    FS: HTPC - Fractal Node, i5 3570, P8H77-I, 8gb ram, 120gb SSD, 3TB

    I could part it, PM what you're thinking.
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    FS: HTPC - Fractal Node, i5 3570, P8H77-I, 8gb ram, 120gb SSD, 3TB

    Things I won't be buying this year #37 - Call of Duty:Repackaged .. or whatever it's called
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    FS: HTPC - Fractal Node, i5 3570, P8H77-I, 8gb ram, 120gb SSD, 3TB

    Now that the Xbox One support Plex out of the box, i'm letting go of my Sweet little Home Theater machine. It's a great case with support for 6 fixed disks (have a second one for a small esxi server). Heatware is under illogitech; $475 Shipped. Case:Fractal Node CPU: i5 3570 MB: P8H77-I...
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    Alien Isolation Steam key $19.37

    It's quite frequent that Steam bans Russian Keys in non RU / RU speaking countries. Also there are often times RU only builds that don't feature all the language packs (to combat for this exact reason) often times requiring hacks / patches to get the content playable. Most of your key...
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    [HOT] Last of us Remastered PS4 - 29.99 Digital

    If you've been on the fence this is a great deal for a great PS4 game. The Last of Us: Remastered offers the award-winning game rebuilt to run in 1080p, with a list of upgrades including higher resolution character models, improved shadows and lighting, and upgraded textures. It also comes...