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    Is there a difference between Hoya vs. Rodelstock UV filter

    Unless you sport L-class glass (a professional lens) ... paying heaps for a professional filter is silly. The protective benefits of any UV(0) at the coast (or in the bush) ... far outweigh that of the optics. The glare-cutting benefits of any Circular Polariser far outweigh the minute...
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    Video Roadmaps

    T3h [H] delivers: NVIDIA Roadmap Outline for 1H08 GeForce 9800 GX2 Exclusive Pics & Specs
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    Silly DDR3 vs DDR2 question.

    It would be rather nice if the releases of CPU, RAM and chipsets could somehow be magically syncronised to mature almost simultaneously before moving to newer tech. I mean it almost feels like a three-phase power voltage diagram, all the components mature in effeciency and performance at...
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    Has anyone experienced the GigaByte Poseidon 310?

    I am interested in purchasing this box: Spec Sheet Flash Demo Any first-hand experience comentary that the [H] can offer?
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    Video Roadmaps

    I'm starting to think the R&D cycles in the video industry are way shorter and more reactive, which means that not even ATI nor nVidia know what they will be doing in 12 months time! :D
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    Video Roadmaps

    Nehalem ... Penryn's successor is called Nehalem (due in 2009), we even know that Nehalem should be followed by Gesher due in roughly 2011. If only the video boys would pull finger and give us an idea of what to expect. :(
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    Video Roadmaps

    Where can I find sufficiently accurate (and sufficiently detailed) technology roadmaps for both ATI and nVidia? I guess what I mean is: does anyone know, with some degree of certainty, when both companies are going to have mid-range offerings on the shelves sporting 45nm technology?
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    Silly DDR3 vs DDR2 question.

    Thanks Guys! Teh [H] delivers once again! ;) I shall spend sparingly on the CPU, MOBO, RAM and GPU this time round... ... and instead spend my budget on a decent chassis, 24" LCD, sweet HDDs etc. Then perhaps check out the scene this time next year for those four items.
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    Silly DDR3 vs DDR2 question.

    I have trawled through THE Memory FAQ, and googled up some benchmarks ... and didn't see anything that clearly and concisely answers my question. The Predicament I am plotting and scheming to shell some heavy wads of my hard-earned green towards setting my trusty old crate (PIII-1GHz, 512MB...
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    Question Canon Speedlite 580 Flash

    I own the following tackle: Canon EOS20D Canon EF-S 17-85mm F/4-5.6 IS USM Canon Speedlite 580EX And I can give you letter with a police stamp on it ... the pop-up flash is SHITE! Believe me, if you get a Gary Fong diffuser, and a REAL flash ... you will not believe the results! ;)
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    A Picture I Took - 2007

    You've got a good eye, and a steady hand! Very well done! ;)
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    Under New Management

    He He He ... yep that's what a career change does for you ... one minute you're modding the darkest ally on the [H] the next IceCzar launches a non-hostile coup! :D Seriously though Artwerkers, IceCzar is DA BOMB! He just a damn swell chap I am happy to hand him the Key to the Citadel of...
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    Damn the girl looked much more palatable in the original! :D
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    Good colleges for Graphic Design /

    Hmmm, the first part of that sentence has a great deal of truth to it. Art is a luxury, and in times of cash droughts the first way to tighten the belt is to cut on advertising and brand pimping. Also note that having ph33r4bl3 skillz in Photoshop is to Graphic Design what Ballboy is to...