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    Windows 10 & 11 Pro - $25

    I thought about that. As far as I can tell, there is no lost functionality for my purposes so that water mark can sit where it is.
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    Windows 10 & 11 Pro - $25

    Nice! Thanks!
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    HOT: 22TB WD Red Pro $335.00

    Thanks! In for one.
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    Mesh routers

    Yeah I think I got my system from Costco a few years ago for around ~$450.
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    Mesh routers

    Agreed. And in my case I do not have cable (coax or ethernet) in essentially the center of the house and for personal reason I do not put my main PC on WiFi. Gotta work with what you have. Again, though, the Mesh system with a wireless backhaul is working wonders. Eventually I'll get around...
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    Mesh routers

    I've got an Orbi Mesh system. I had a nighthawk on one side of the house and in the first floor. Signal in the kitchen was almost non-existent. I bought an extender and placed it in the half way point on the first floor, which improved things but speeds were crappy. The Orbi utilizes a tri...
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    Amazon CEO Andy Jassy threatens employees to return to office or "things are probably not going to work out for you"

    I enjoy seeing the disconnect from reality some employees have. You were hired to do a job. If your job was in the office M-F and you went remote. Get back in the office. If you were hired as a remote worker, there is a leg to stand on. Ultimately the boss is the boss and tells you what to...
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    Who still uses Skype??

    I thought Skype migrated to some other Microsoft name or was rebranded? I used skype before microsoft acquired it and it was fantastic for about a week. Then MS got their hands on it and broke it. Spam bots galore.
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    Windows is finally getting native RAR support + RIP Cortana

    That's pretty much the only reason I'm on Windows 11. My laptop came 2nd hand with Windows 10 but after a fresh image it said I could update to Windows 11 so I figured why not? I just bought my WinRAR license last year or the year before...SOB should have held out for another couple years.
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    Mesh Wifi with good parental controls: porn blacklisting

    The only thing thats going on with PiHole is requests are sent to it and then sent back. Essentially your pihole is just looking up addresses and reporting them back. Your router needs to know that the Pihole is your DNS server, so whatever static IP you have it setup as. So no, it doesn't...
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    Who here has gigabit internet? Also anybody subscribed to Comcast 6 gig?

    Yep. TDS rolled into town and once they started digging into the side of the road Spectrum bumped their speeds...but didn't do anything with the upload speed which is around ~12. Then they raised my bill. Cannot. Wait. To. Drop. Them. Bottom tier for TDS is 300/300 for $45. Which is PLENTY...
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Completed Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Gonna hop back into Dragons Age at some point and Dark Forces replay.
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    Worst things you've done in (online) gaming?

    If I got on the opposite team of my buddy I'd report what my team was doing through our private voice channel.
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    Ethernet -> Fiber Optic -> Ethernet?

    Holy thread necro batman.
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    If I leave Comcast, how can I keep my Comcast email address? without paying through my nose?

    I'm suspicious of people who use their ISP email address.