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    Yes, you can run over your GPU with a car

    Daaaamn, you are one lucky individual. Time to buy a ticket! ;)
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    [H] Thermal Compound TIM Round-up Candidates

    I read it yesterday on my phone (with brave), no ads what so ever.
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    1000w PSU choices for gaming w/ 3080 Ti

    Yep, like Starfalcon said the 2 series are all SuperFlower built and are probably the psu series that put EVGA on the map. They are as good as it gets. Unfortunately I don't know of any place that has a list of who builds what anymore. Since Jonnyguru closed up his website and forum, I just wait...
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    Downgrade to upgrade?

    Parting out usually sells faster. Altho if you list it as a complete rig on several forums you may be able to sell it faster.
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    1000w PSU choices for gaming w/ 3080 Ti

    No. Just no. Warranty means nothing if you have keep RMAing a unit for failing. Always know who the oem is. The difference between superflower and meic, for example is massive. You couldn't pay me to run an meic built psu in even my lowest level rig. SF? I'd happily run any of their units in...
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    1000w PSU choices for gaming w/ 3080 Ti

    Its interesting buuut we don't know who the oem is for certain yet. Some believe its FSP but don't hold them in the highest regard. So try to hold off for a few days to see a review or two before you pull the trigger.
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    1000w PSU choices for gaming w/ 3080 Ti

    No not at all. The gold, platinum, titanium designations are efficiency ratings for the power supplies (see link). The differences are tiny. The build quality may be slightly different between models but if your buying from a solid manufacturer like Seasonic that builds quality at all three...
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    1000w PSU choices for gaming w/ 3080 Ti

    Agree with the above. I'd add that the Seasonic focus gold and platinum units are equally good and will save you a fair bit of money compared to the titanium.
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    Gigabyte GP-P750GM dead

    Nooo, not unless they agree to replace it with a UD750GM, the newest MEIC built unit. There's a recent review of it at tpu. Otherwise throw it away and count yourself lucky not to have lost any other components.
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    transient power consumption spikes

    I'm glad he's taken the time to research this. We've been seeing even the best of the best power supplies, at and above whats recommended have problems with shutting down with what most attributed to ocp tripping caused by spikes.
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    Crypto Miners, Not Gamers, Were The Primary Buyers of Graphics Cards Since 2021, Almost $15 Billion Worth of GPU Sales Reported

    I have no qualms at all buying a mined on card... from someone I trust. Thing is, I can count on one hand the people I know that are tech savvy enough to know anything about crypto or gpus (other than what Matt Damon told them). And fewer yet that would actually show any interest in creating...
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    New 5800x with NH-U12P SE1366 R possibly heat issues?

    Hahaha, that's my quick test for heat issues. Rather than monkey with swapping heatsinks I disconnect all of the case/hs fans point the old Vornado desk fan into the case and get my answer quick like ;)
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    What's a good quality soft tubing that doesn't cloud up?

    You used to be able to buy it by the foot from (best wcing selection you'll find)but its been awhile since I've bought any tubing. There's a father's day coupon you can use there as well that should help knock off some of the shipping.
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    What's a good quality soft tubing that doesn't cloud up?

    Primochill lrt is the only soft tubing I'll use. I ran a loop for 5+ years untouched (just added coolant occasionally, never drained or cleaned it) with their blue tubing and despite the cpu block having a hole in the nickel plating, exposing the aluminum underneath, causing the copper gpu...
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    Any news on when the ATX 3.0 PSU's will arrive?

    The only one I know of is the gigabyte 1000w that was reviewed by tpu a bit ago. It wasn't a unit anyone would recommend.