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    Net Neutrality: Five Myths, And The Real Facts

    You can't really let the best company win when many places have 1-2 viable options for an ISP
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    Is there a reason no one uses copper pipe and fittings?

    You can try searching for Steampunk mods, they will sometimes incorporate copper lines. Rigid tubing in general is just less friendly to work with.
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    [Directron] $299 HP Promo ZR2740w 27-inch LED Backlit IPS Monitor 2560 x 1440

    For those that don't want to read it :), I have this monitor and it does not have an OSD. It has brightness controls, but there is no scale to show you where you are. Not usually an issue though, since I just use my eyes as a measure anyways, not a number on a screen.
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    State of SSD Gaming?

    I'm still rocking a 60GB SSD (with Win7 x64) on my main desktop, so you can make due with 120/128. Of course I have to use symbolic links to a spinner for my games, but for the most part it isn't an issue.
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    Display Port Monitor "issue"

    You could always open up a window with a dark background on the spare monitor :D (wonder where to find one of those)
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    4770K 90C with H100i @ stock speeds?

    EDIT: Meant to edit my previous post. My previous build is using LGA 1366, but the difference in programs was not nearly as noticeable, maybe a few degrees.
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    4770K 90C with H100i @ stock speeds?

    I don't know if its just the new architectures, but LinX adds like 20 deg C on top of other stress tests I do, so I don't really use it on Haswell (don't have Ivy Bridge to compare). Prime or AIDA would give me ~70s and LinX (IBT) was over 90C. Not sure that is the most useful program for testing.
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    Saltwater Over Graphene Generates Electricity

    Not sure if you're being serious, but a single sheet is transparent. Can't exactly take a picture. SEM maybe, not sure if that would tear through it though.
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    Saltwater Over Graphene Generates Electricity

    It has been a while since I have looked, but I'm pretty sure graphene would make a terrible heatsink as it is only really conductive in the 2D plane, not between layers. Pretty much like using a diamond iirc.
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    M/B with 4 SATA 3 Intel ports?

    EDIT: Alright, need to revise my statement, a lot of boards that are $100 and up have 4+ intel ports. Didn't realize they were still using SATAII on lower end boards. Do you have a socket preference? That would help a lot for recommendations. EDIT #2: Assuming you are talking about your x79...
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    Cooler Master Elite 110 Mini-ITX Case Review @ [H]

    I didn't realize this thing was so big :). When I see pictures I assume it has the same dimensions as an SG05/6 but maybe shorter in length. I think they should have just stopped at the top of the PSU.
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    Navy’s New Railgun Can Hurl a Shell Over 5,000 MPH

    There is still cannot accelerate something that fast in a short distance without it pushing back..."for every force there is an equal and opposite..." something or other :)
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    remote desktop for playing games over network?

    Can you do HDMI over ethernet and just be hooked up directly to your PC? I haven't really looked into it at all, but unless the adapters add a lot of latency, it should be the fastest.
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    Best low profile single slot video card?

    Deceiving as shit to have the pictures showing the ports not show the cooler sticking up....
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    quietest card for 1440p gaming?

    My cards are not extremely top of the line, but when I used aftermarket cooling on my 6950 it was much quieter, probably close to silent in a quiet case. I think I was using the Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo, but they have more effective cooling for more $$$. I would think it would be sufficient for...