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    IC7 Max2 not recognizing RAID volume in Windows install

    nevermind, i got the wrong driver... but it now locks up at formatting at 43%. maybe it is a bad drive after all. thank goodness 36 gig raptors are cheap now.
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    IC7 Max2 not recognizing RAID volume in Windows install

    can't run diagnostics as i have no other system with SATA connections. Is is possible I'm loading the wrong driver? I got the Silicon Image driver off Abit's site. Is this the correct one for the ICH5R southbridge on-chip RAID?
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    IC7 Max2 not recognizing RAID volume in Windows install

    Can't install windows to each drive when they're paired as an array. That makes no sense, either.
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    IC7 Max2 not recognizing RAID volume in Windows install

    My IC7 Max2 recently lost whatever defined my striped pair of raptors as a single volume. I had to rebuild the volume, and now when I try to install windows, and I load the on-chip RAID drivers off the floppy, it subsequently shows that it detects no volumes. Nothing's changed in my BIOS. Is it...
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    Scorching Hot: Two 160GB Maxtors for $90 NO REBATES

    says sold out. i missed it by like 2 mins cos i had to make a username on their site. bastids. :mad:
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    2004 Post Your Workstation

    it's just some image someone emailed me from california. i dunno why i had it up. i may have it, i might not. i'll go look.
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    i need a good guide to make a blowhole

    actually a dremel would be better unless you have a drill capable of serious power. my 13 volt cordless wasnt up to the task of spinning a 120mm holesaw, so i had to buy a new 19.2v one which tore right through it.
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    Post your Workstation Pics

    theyre super-value! i have the long-type one (the 63" with the legs underneath) and i bolted my storage unit to it. i will show you when i get home.
  9. H server case-in-progress!

    coming along nice. be careful when installing the parts, dont scratch it. btw linking to images from other ppls sites is forbidden. plz respect newegg enough not to waste their bandwidth.
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    The "O"

    thats fuckin gorgeous, i love the transparency.
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    Post your Workstation Pics

    ewarz i really like your jerker storage unit. your monitors are nice also.
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    Post your Workstation Pics

    you have a nice television. i'd probably covet it if i turned mine on more than 5 minutes a day.
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    2004 Post Your Workstation

    hooray for absolutely lovely movie! boo for neowin
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    Now This Is How You Mount A Pump In A Lain-li!

    i dont get it, how is it connected to the w/c circuit?
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    7v Fan Mod

    yea, just cut off the 3-pin and splice it into a 4pin pass-through cable. just splice the ground into the 5V and the -12V into the -12V. (thats black into red and yellow into yellow) done.