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    Could use some knowledge....

    hi everybody. my recent planing to upgrade my CPU was blown to shit, thanks to my parents, ofcourse.:( so i decided to upgrade my current bucket. but then i was pulled to hold by not knowing what's the "strongest" Intel's proc. from sck. 478 and what's "strongest" graphic for PCI graph...
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    Pentium III vs Celeron

    where do i read that stuff?
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    Is my computer WoW-able?

    none taken. so, that means no, right?
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    Is my computer WoW-able?

    I have been looking WoW for a while, and looking it's minimum requirements. For WoW it saids this: Pentium III 800 MHz, 256 MB RAM, 3D acceleration, 56k Modem. And I have this: Celeron 1GHz, 512 MB SDR RAM, 3D acceleration, 56k Modem. (yes i'm dial-up :( ) So i'm asking you: is it possible for...
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    Pentium III vs Celeron

    well, i would, but the thing is, i don't know to overclock, i think. i once tried, but i' don't know if that's the thing. when you start your computer, it reads: press DEL to enter the system. so i go there and i set the core frequency. but, i last gave it to the ''repair'' and the man put the...
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    Pentium III vs Celeron

    what do u think is best: Pentium III 800 MHz or Celeron 1 GHz?
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    I'm just asking when did sck,775 went to the market, 'cause i've got an PC about 3 years old, and i don't know its sck, or graphic card sck, or anything but i want to upgrade to something a little bit better. (from 1000 MHz Celeron, GeForce MX 100/200, 378 MB RAM) And if someone knows what...
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    yeah, that's the one.... sort of...
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    yeah, that's sort of what i mean.:)
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    would you prefer Celeron over Sempron? Is Pentium 4 stronger than Pentium D?
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    Is it possible for computer with 1 GHz, 376 MB SDRAM, 32 MB Graph to work faster than the one with 2 GHz, 356 MB SDRAM, 32 MB Graph?
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    I recently heard from a friend that he's playing a game called arcanum. he said its an older game, but pretty good one. Has any1 ever heard for it, and should i try it, or is it just a waste of time?
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    OCing celeron 1000GHz on Energy Mobo

    The title tells it all. How much can I OC Celeron 1.0 Ghz on Energy's mobo? And how do I do that?
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    Advice over x1950 Pro

    Does any1 has an advice which card to use over x1950 Pro within that price range?