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    It's really damning that none of the internet's talking heads are bringing up how AWFUL Nvidia's drivers have become

    Auto HDR and atmos audio work fine for me. I might have the 1second dropout occasionally, don't even think it's due to the Nvidia drivers tbh versus windows itself or the AVR. I haven't played an atmos game in a while, they barely exist :*( but when I did I didn't get dropouts for the longest...
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    After cutting the cord from DirectTV...

    Plex is a good option for recording OTA. It costs $120 for the lifetime pass which unlocks recording though (and so much more)
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    First world problems...(to keep or sell?)

    Are you sure you won't be using it? 60 hrs a week is a lot but there can still be time for gaming imo, and you might need the relief after a hard days work.
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    No thread about the framework laptop?

    Thank you. Do you ever use the screen outdoors? Do you think it's bright enough? I'm very tempted. I don't really need and part of me wants to wait for v2 but part of me also thinks it might be a while, plus I bet the resellability of this thing will be great. And if they come up with a new...
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    No thread about the framework laptop?

    How is the trackpad? Is it easily replaceable if it goes out? The trackpad on my Dell 9360 slowly went out and I couldn't even replace it. Dell did not care at all since it was out of warranty. The part I found off Aliexpress was obviously not original and didn't click right. Oh and then...
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    HDMI 2.1 AVR Recommendations (2021)

    Both. The trend I noticed is claiming your device has the hardware and that HDMI 2.1 will come in a future update, then if that update ever arrives it's gimped HDMI 2.1 due to the hardware
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    Elden Ring (From Software RPG)

    Man everyone is so mean here. I just wanted to just check in on how this game is doing.
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    Playstation VR Thread.

    They should've done a Wii U style wireless technology imo. The lack of wire on the quest makes things so much better.
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    Horizon Forbidden West

    Yeah, one of the first things I usually do for all games when I hit the limit is download a mod that removes/increases it.
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    WD 18TB Red Pro 7200 Rpm, $251 at Amazon

    My packaging looked exactly the same, I was shocked but ain't complaining, I definitely plan on utilizing it (I think I'll cut it in sections and use it in smaller boxes though.)
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    Horizon Forbidden West

    Looks like gyro support is there! Good news, I could not aim with the PS4 version at all so I waited for PC. Now I'm not sure if I'll wait or not haha.
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    What are you guys using for a router that you love?

    I have the Deco x20 and I really like it. I kinda hate that I have to use an app for most of the functionality (online GUI is pretty much just read only) but it's blazing fast and great coverage. I have the access points hardwired to ethernet though. I've had it for like ~8 months maybe and not...
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    I am uneducated on windows 11... What's up!

    Thanks for the new shortcut!
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    DeWALT 20V Max tool + 20V PowerStack Battery Starter Kit Starting @ $129 + Tax

    You can with Home Depot apparently because they itemize the receipt. Slick deals calls this "hacking the deal" Though since Lowes had the 2 battery deal I'm now just going to return one of the tool combos I bought, and likely keep the other one since I need the charger for a total of 3...
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    DeWALT 20V Max tool + 20V PowerStack Battery Starter Kit Starting @ $129 + Tax

    Lowes is now selling 2 of these batteries with a free tool. Better deal if you want certain items like the circular saw or jigsaw. Pickup only though. edit: I neglected that the lowes deal does...