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    Feel free to make me an offer. They both have less than 10 hours of use and have the complete...

    Feel free to make me an offer. They both have less than 10 hours of use and have the complete box, etc.
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    Warm? 1920x $260 @ Amazon

    Dont forget the 1920x and 2920x get the full 64 PCIE lanes too.
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    Titan RTX - $1999.00

    Sent you a PM.
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    There is more to it than just throwing them in a RAID-0 and calling it a day. You need to overclock or maintain a steady clock speed on Threadripper in order to get good performance out of RAID-0. Try disabling core-parking and lock your clock speed and do the test again. For example, the first...
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    Undocumented tech on Intel processors - another security issue?

    Because when you're cool.... You don't need the screen to be on..
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    Asus Realbench -9900K-BSOD

    The "general consensus" for a computer to be considered reliable, is that its stable under load for 24 hours. If Real Bench crashes in 2 hours, the machine is not stable. If it crashes in 15 mins, its not stable. If it crashes in between 15 mins and 2 hours, its not stable. In the end though...
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    99.5% GPU Bound with a 1080TI on Gears of War 4 benchmark

    Ummmm...Were you expecting to *not* be GPU bound when using that resolution with all settings set to Ultra, and running canned benchmark????
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    Friend building new Ryzen 2950x system. DOA no matter what.

    Hate to say this but this sounds like user error. The odds all these parts are bad? Basically 0.. Most common denominator in this is your friend, so I am just going with the odds here.
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    Intel Officials Allegedly Say that Apple Could Move to ARM Soon

    Apple devices are just going to be a means to get to the cloud. Apple = Chrome Book.
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    Windows 10 updates that fail to install no matter what i do

    I have seen some instances like yours when Windows is installing updates silently in the background while the user also tries to install essentially the same update windows is installing on its own. Just leave Windows update alone for the time being and it will clear itself on a reboot eventually.
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    Small office network setup - A+ Cert help

    I didn't change anything. I simply answered the question the OP actually asked (which involved WIRELESS CLIENTS in case you happened to miss that).. If you wanted to change the scenario from all wireless clients to an entirely wired network and wanted to add a separate VLAN with a corresponding...
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    Small office network setup - A+ Cert help

    No such thing as over doing it. If you are looking at using these skills in an actual career, you will come up against things a lot harder than this. The thing to remember when taking classes is that's its a free chance to screw up without any consequences. Screw ups in the real world are NOT...
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    Small office network setup - A+ Cert help

    MAC filtering on the VLAN has the same issue since all the users in the above hypothetical academic scenario are on WIFI connections. So again, its pointless. *IF* you wanted to protect the VLAN manually, forget MAC filtering and use static IP addresses with an obscure netmask for the VLAN. That...
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    Small office network setup - A+ Cert help

    I don't want to speak for BlueLineSwinger, but the overhead management isn't the major issue with MAC address based security. The issue is that its trivial to circumvent. So not only is it a management nightmare, its also 100% ineffective as accomplishing anything positive.
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    ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme Threadripper Mobo Review @ [H]

    I was at Microcenter yesterday and they had them in stock.