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    Looking for iPad Pro M1

    Sounds like you answered your question, it will be worth it. Apple also has a deal right now that you will receive $200 off if you activate with Verizon or T-Mobile so that would offset the extra initial cost when purchasing it over the Wifi only model. Just get the cheapest plan option, I was...
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    Post Your Workstations 2021

    Problem is a lot of these platforms have moved to FB or Reddit in the last 5 years. Also, a lot of us have had priorities change/lifestyle changes and can't keep what we had at one point in our lives.
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    Ikea desk gallery This looks to be it. Google is your friend ;)
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Yeah I've been going through a lot of old threads and other forums as well and it really sucks how much was lost.. I guess that happens with migrations over the span of 20 years..
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    Post Your Workstations 2020

    So it looks cool but is not fast? :D
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Clean! Are you forgoing the intake fans and just relying on the three connected the the CPU cooler?
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    New build complete! Link to original size!
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    Post Your Workstations 2019

    Not gonna lie, I'm a little more jealous of the prints than that insane build :p
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    Pictures Of Your Dually Rigs!

    Damn son, time to dust that thing off...
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    It's about to get real busy, OCN has died

    Took a week off from there to return to that.. mess.. This has been my main tech site for quite a while but I'd occasionally go over to OCN, pretty sad to see it in this state..
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    New Office - Custom Desk

    Sooo, this thread was brought up again in the worklogs section.. Any updates?! :D
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    The 2016 Post Pics of your Rig Thread!

    What case is that? I like the form factor, and $10 doesn't sound too bad either..
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    The [H] Post Pictures of your ManCave

    Your work is gorgeous! Keep on posting! :D
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    Network pics thread

    Looking good brotha!