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    should i sell my 9800p to buy 6600gt?

    Just my 2 cents, I replaced a 9800pro running @ XT speeds with a Leadtek 6800nu. The 9800pro ran faster. But, I only play LOMAC which is a DX8 sim and is poorly optimized. I've found if I OC my cpu to my unstable point (Barton @ 2.4Ghz), the 6800 just about equals the 9800pro. So, make of that...
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    ForceWare 67.02

    It's in Performance and Quality Options. Click "Show Advanced Options" and it should be there, near the bottom of the list.
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    ForceWare 67.02

    I just installed and tested. Shimmering is gone in LOMAC. No noticeable change in FPS.
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    Will nvidia EVER fix the shimmering problem?

    I just installed the new 67.02 betas, and having LOD clamp set to "clamp" cured my shimmering problem.
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    The best X800pro to mod to >XT

    As I understand it, the VIVO models are the best for pipelines, but which brand(s) are good for OCing and opening pipes? HIS or MSI?
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    best video card for $150-$200?

    MSI 9800pro.
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    Cancel my back-ordered X800 PRO for a 6800NU?

    BTW, I should have said in my earlier post that my pro had an R360 core, but that still doesn't explain why my 6800 is underperforming from what I expected. If there is something wrong in the setup, I am completely baffled. It's even running 4xAF where the pro was running 8xAF.
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    Will nvidia EVER fix the shimmering problem?

    I've got shimmering with a 6800, AMD2500+M OC'ed to 3200+, nForce2 chipset. Has anyone who has it tried to pull the vid card and put it in a different rig? It might help to narrow down the cause of the problem.